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Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by oregonbean, Apr 25, 2014.

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    I am an American currently living in Germany, and recently acquired some porcelain items from an estate sale. The couple's distant family was kind enough to give me a couple of photos of the couple, along with their names. I was told the husband had been a German MP prior to the war, that he was wounded in 1941, and have two photos of him in uniform. I am just trying to figure out his rank and any other details the uniform might reveal. It appears that one photo is him in his Waffenrock; the other a regular uniform.

    The photos are black and white, so not the greatest for ID, but any help would be greatly appreciated--the items I purchased are heirlooms, and I just want as much of a story to go along with them as possible. I felt that it was very generous of the family to give me the information they did, and didn't feel it was appropriate to start asking them about their uncle's war service.

    And, if this is not the appropriate forum area, please let me know--I looked and did not see a specific uniform section. Thank you again for the assistance!

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    The lanyard is the Basic award for marksmanship early pattern badge.

    Source German Army Uniforms & Insignia 1933-1945 by Brian L Davis..

    no acorns , which means it's the basic award.
    further awards could have up to 3 acorns on it.

    AS for rank I'd say he was a Feldwebel.
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    Owen--thank you so much for the info and links! I was so frustrated trying to discern what that badge might be. Just when I thought I had a good idea, I'd see another page that changed my mind.

    I wish I had a later picture and more of his back story--he entered the military prior to Hitler taking over, and stayed in after the war ended.
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    The shoulderboard indicates a rank of Feldwebel and I would hazard a guess(as it's blurred) that above the rank pip is a Mercury's Staff which shows his Arm of Service to be supply officer.

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