German troops in Canavese and Valli di Lanzo

Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by giovanni riccabone, Sep 17, 2016.

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    I'm John Riccabone. Could someone help me to find on Internet the following work George Tessin "Verbände Truppen und der deutschen Wehrmacht und der Waffen-SS im Zweiten Weltkrieg 1939-1945"? Is it possible to download this work by internet? I need it to find the presence of German troops in the province of Turin and Aosta
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    And they are not available for download. If you want them you need to buy them.
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    This topic also appears in another very recent thread by the same author:

    German troops in the province of Turin and Aosta

    I have listed the German troops operating in the Ivrea, Canavese, Lanzo and Rivarolo areas but have not received a reply fron him.

    Canavese also appears in a thread on the Partisans of Nicola Prospero.

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    I think he has also posted the same question yesterday on the Axis History Forum.
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    There's a thread on this forum involving events in a village in Canavese called Forno Canavese : Partisan group of Nicola Prospero. I am still interested in finding out more about a Cameron Highlander who was murdered there. ( This post came just after Vitellino said something similar. )

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