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Discussion in 'Germany' started by Shultze, Jan 20, 2006.

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    I've listened to this song many of times, mostly in that terrible movie, "The Battle of the Bulge". Now I know what they are saying.

    I still like this version better. It was the best part of the movie, well maybe when the credits rolled was just as good.

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    Now this one I can always find!

    Pour vous Owen, plus fort!

    Kind regards, always,



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    I wrote a piece about one of the most famous songs here still sing by the French and German armies

    The Panzerlieder is still sung by the Bundeswehr.

    It also use do be sung on Squadron smokers by A Squadron 17/21 Lancers. In German by soldiers with the deaths head motto.

    Argonnewald is still suing by the German Pioneers and Engineers

    An ex German paratrooper a decorated Afghan veteran told me that this was popular during his service

    The lyrics did have some political repercussions. However a good tune and known to at least some British paras.
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    This is THE one and only true hymn for every average German soldier since ever, trust me

    Despite any attempts to abuse it for whatever ridiculous ideological goals it never lost it´s true meaning for those who simply did their duty
    Devoted to my mate Hauptfeldwebel Tobias "Krümel" Lagenstein
    28. April 1980 in Wildeshausen; † 28. Mai 2011 in Taloqan, Afghanistan
    You deserved better
    Tantum mortuis vidi finem belli
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    Always brings a tear but then it is a dirge.
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    Absolutely dbf.

    So for you and Itdan too.

    An easy song to sing, but the hardest song in the world to sing, in my experience.

    Profuse apologies for the damn poor photography, the light's gone (along with my eyesight).

    Kind regards, always remember, never forget,



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