German Electronic Exhibition, Earls Court, London, 1946

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    A Post war exhibition held by SIGESO, SubCommittee for the Investigation of German Electronic and Scientific Organisation, was held at Earl's Court Exhibition Centre

    Programme for an Exhibition of German Electronic Equipment 4th - 16th March 1946

    (Closed 10th March)

    Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Warwick Road, London, SW5

    Sponsored by S.I.G.E.S.O. 40 Stratton Street, W.1

    Sorry there seems to be some problem with the order of the scans
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    Instantly intrigued by the IR section. Uhu and the like being a recurring theme in Panzerish circles.
    Had a quick browse to see if there are any images about. Nothing so far.

    I like that "It is no function of this exhibition to solicit orders for German firms"...
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    Was this the best or only effort made to disseminate such information among British manufacturers, or was any kind of study or analysis published?

    Reminds me of the conclusion of Sir Richard Addison in 1917:
    Just ask the Germans or the Japanese.

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