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  1. Peter7575.

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    I found this last night metal detecting a beach. It was in black clay so it has been preserved and cleaned up really nice . Could someone help me id please I'm not sure if it is German thank you.

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  2. ltdan

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    There are numerous possible navies for the anchor motif
    With German origin, a border with oak leaves would actually be expected.
    Hardly anything has changed since the days of the Kaiser.
    Eagles and/or swastikas were just as common
  3. Peter7575.

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    Thanks for the reply. Live in barrow in furness uk . We had the biggest ship building yard since 1800s so our museum are looking at it and is geraman maybe not a buckle but a fitting on a sash maybe . They have search records etc and can not find any other parallels the same . So now they are reaching out to contacts in German museum. I found this with anti aircraft bullets and other ww2 bits 100 metres from sure . there is two broken gun post there and there are records of p o w who was working on that area .

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