German Army Uniform Identification

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    I agree with those that the guy on left is Heer (eagle, collar patches). I think the guy on the right is political - the collar tabs look like Kreisleitung and the cap matches.
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    This is a letter I have received from Berlin regarding my the gentleman on the right I know this was during the First World War. But could it explain his uniform.

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    That's what I thought too, he could be Reichsbahn employee.
    Had a look here .
    Reichsbahn Headgear
    See the post with Weimar era rank chart .
    1 & 2 look like what our chap has .

    Could be transitional period before going full Third Reich.

    old bloke.JPG
    weimar rb.JPG transitional.JPG

    Ah, good point. Ruins mine about the Reichsbahn :)
    Just looked up a rank chart.

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