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    The following photo taken during the occupation of France may be of general interest but I also have a question of detail. The soldier is wearing what looks like a large ring, possibly a signet ring? Did the German army have any regulations about wearing personal jewellery when in uniform?
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    Good question. My (British) Father wore a Signet Ring in lieu of a Wedding Band/Ring. As the chap is wearing the ring on his 'wedding finger' could it simply be a case of two countries following the same convention?

    Personal jewellery certainly wasn't frowned on in many armies and there is the famous photo of the chaps leaving the Landing Craft on the Normandy D Day where a chap wearing a wedding band pats the back of the chap in front of him to wish him luck.
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    In Germany EVERYTHING is regulated somehow, so also here. :D
    I don't know the Wehrmacht's „dress code“, for the Bundeswehr the central service regulation 37/10 applies
    Would guess the "Traditions department Feldgrau" wasn´t so different

    The definition of what is „discreet“ depends on the superior ;-)
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