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    Going by your dimensions and assuming it is German it looks like one of two possibilities according to what is shown in ATB's The Blitz Vol. 1.


    Flamm C 250
    These were incendary bombs that contained an oil mixture and HE bursting charge. They had the same external dimensions as the 250kg HE bombs.

    Flamm C 250 contained 50kg of oil incendary mixture and a TNT bursting charge.
    Weight 110kg.

    A specially designed electric proximity fuze El.A.Z. (26) was used in these Flammenbombe. The charge was held in condensers and an additional mechanical press switch was fitted in the side of the fuse which could be operated by a rod extending to the nose of the bomb.

    Or it could be:

    Eight Versions - 1, 2 and 3, J, L, L2, B and K - equipped with one or two fuse pockets. The central exploder in the L2 contained compressed TNT pellets and the picric pellets beneath the fuse in the fuse pocket. These acted as a booster charge when the fuse fired. Fitted with a suspension eye bolt in the nose or body. Painted Grey-Green. Stabo (anti-ricochet device) painted Field-Grey. Filled with 287kg of amatol, TNT, TNT and Wax or wood meal and Aluminium powder and Naphthalene and Ammonium Nitrate.

    This bomb shows a diameter of 368mm and 1173mm from tip to end without the tail unit. Interestingly (Perhaps) these bombs had the 'Trumpets of Jericho' fitted to them which caused them to scream when they were dropped.

    Hope that helps and no doubt a expert will come along and correct me. (There's a certain chap in Leeds that springs to mind) :)
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    Hi Ali, from the shape I would say its german, but leave it be until the RN have a look. if they are going to deal with it they may move it to destroy it, if not they will do it in situ. Don.t knock it about anymore, regards Derek.
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    Thanks guys,

    Looking at the photos in Peter's link it looks like the 250kg flam Bomb, but as Andy points out the external dimensions of the SC250 are the same so who can tell (? - hopefully the RN). For me the main indicator is the flat base, many others seem to have a section sticking out at the end. This one was pretty flat on the bottom from what I could tell. Obviously the tail fins etc have long gone.

    Hopefully I'll be able to let you know more soon
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    Hi folks,

    Just thought you may like an update on the bomb we found on the LCT wrecksite in August. Last week the Navy's bomb disposal team from the Southern Diving Unit located the bomb. They found identification difficult and now believe it to have been a British 500lb bomb (unfused). Using a huge lifting bag moved it to a safe location 3 miles away from the wreck site. After recovering their equipment, they set a charge and retired to a safe distance... The charge went off but the bomb did not, probably due to water ingress etc.

    The RN guys worked really hard to deal with a potentially dangerous bomb in very challenging conditions (strong winds and 1m swell). They have been keen to keep us informed about their plans for dealing with the bomb. A very professional bunch of guys.

    The exclusion zone which had been implemented has now been lifted and we hope to resume our diving before the weather closes in.

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    Ali, Great to hear that the bomb wasn't dealt with in situ.

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    Great news that you can now return to the wreck in safety.

    Lets hope that your next find is not so explosive:D.

    I know what you mean about professionalism in the Navy Diving area as I had to liase many times with the medical staff at HMS Vernon when our
    decompression chamber was required.

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    Please don't mistalke me for an expert...

    I am now, being the proud owner of a copy of:


    German Air-Dropped Weapons to 1945 by Wolfgang Fleischer

    I've attached a scan of the index for the curious.

    I picked mine up in Publishers Book Clearance (a rival to The Works) for a tenner.

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