Gerald Ker-Ramsey, 'Crump' of The Great Escape fame

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  1. sketch

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    a neighbour of mine has a letter written to her parents from Flt Lt Ker-Ramsay while in stalag luft 3. Her parents had sent a red cross to parcel to the camp which he recieved and wrote to thank them.
    does anyone have any information on him.?


  2. alieneyes

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    Hi Sketch,

    Without knowing specifically what you are looking for I can tell you Ker-Ramsey was shot down near Calais on 13 September, 1940 while flying Blenheim Z5721. Both he and fellow crewmen Dixon and Byrne taken prisoner.

    Deceased Hampshire 1981


  3. sketch

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    thanks for that dave.
    she was wondering if he was still alive and still lived local.
    i believe he lived on the wirral at the time and the parcel was sent from hawarden in north wales, he commented on the closeness of where it was sent from.


  4. Richard Gillgrass

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    My Mother was Gerald's daughter Tosca Ker Ramsey, and my Uncle Donald is his son. I have recently been reviewing the original photo's of his time in camp. I know I am 1 of 5 grandchildren spread throughout England and Scotland!
    Hope I can help.
    kind regards

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