George Peter Osborne, Bomber Command

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    A wonderful and fitting tribute.
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    I wonder what squadron he was on....cannot make out the squadron letters of the Lancaster he photographed.

    The crew picture shows him with a peaked hat so he would be a commissioned officer.

    The designation of Signaller would indicate the date of a service of the changes that were made in the designation of Wireless Operator to Signaller in the RAF in 1944,the latter being also the postwar designation for the role.I would think that those who graduated as W OPs (air) would have retained their W Op (air) brevet as an indication of being old hands.

    The RAAF,RCAF and RNZAF continued with the designation W Op (air) and did not adopt the designation, Signaller, during the Second World War.
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    He may remain a mystery for a while, Harry. As best as I can make out his service number on AIR78, his was 610606, denoting a March 1938 enlistment.

    That number yields no results in the London Gazette, nor does his full name.
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    Is this the photo you refer to Harry? It would appear to be part of the IWM collection.

    [​IMG] ROYAL AIR FORCE BOMBER COMMAND, 1942-1945.. © IWM (CH 14188) IWM Non Commercial License

    RAF and WAAF personnel wave off Flight Lieutenant D A Shaw and crew of No. 550 Squadron RAF as they take off for a bombing raid on Bochum, Germany, from North Killinghome, Lincolnshire, in Avro Lancaster B Mark III, ED905 'BQ-F' "Press on regardless", on the aircraft's 100th operational sortie. ED905, having already served with Nos. 103 and 661 Squadrons RAF, survived operations, only to be written off in a landing accident at Lindholme on 20 August 1945, while being flown by No. 1656 Conversion Unit.
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    Dave, I've altered the AIR78 card in Photoshop to make it legible, this looks to be a George Walter Osborne 1610606.
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    Thanks, Pete. As you've seen there is nobody with that name. But AIR78 was never advertised as having every single airman or woman.

    Just had a look at Osbournes and nothing stands out.
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    I wonder if he is down as just plain George. There is a George Peter Osborn but he was a National Service recruit in 1951.
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    Don’t forget people often call themselves George Osborne when their real name is Gideon...
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