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    Another local man I can find little of. He volunteered for air crew and I am told locally that he only survived one op before being shot down ! He lived in Lambourne Essex and was best friend of a local aged 98 with a remarkable memory.

    Help please

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    Thanks Ross, that certainly looks as if it could be him but his parents were in Staines Middx which is a long way from Lambourne. I will have to ask my local chap if he has any more info. He tells me that when he was courting, George Moss was courting the sister and they often went out as a foursome.

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    Same photo here loaded by a local dutchman.
    Sgt George Arthur Moss (1923-1943) - Find A Grave...

    There is an Essex connection to 1384606 George Arthur MOSS. In the 1939 Register his parents are living in Staines, Middlesex as per CWGC.

    4 Marina Parade, Worple Road, Staines
    Herbert Moss, born 27? May 1896 Chauffeur (Private)
    Madeline Moss born 4 May 1902 unpaid domestic duties
    redacted record
    redacted record
    Malcolm C. Moss born 14 Jan 1929 at school

    Malcolm C. Moss birth Registered Tendring Reg Dist, Essex Jan- Mar 1929, mothers name SMITH. On other records his middle name is Campbell.

    The only George A. Moss born Southern England 1923-24 with mother Smith is:
    George A Moss, Croydon RD Jul-Sep 1923 mother Smith

    Due to Herbert's occupation the family may have moved around the country.
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    thanks for that Travers

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