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    George Millar died last Saturday aged 94.Over 60 years ago he led a hazardous and dangerous existence behind enemy lines in the cause of freedom in the role of an SOE agent.

    He was captured in the Libyian desert by the Germans in 1942 while serving in the Rifle Brigade.Handed over to the Italians,he escaped from a train taking him and many others to Germany from Italy after Italy capitulated in 1943.His was a long trek to freedom from Munich to Spain and then to England via Strasbourg and Lyon.A journey impossible without help from the French Resistance.

    Back in England he was screened and cleared to join F Section of the SOE with the field name of "Emile".Millar was very active in the field against the Germans in the Doubs and Haute-Saone Departments after being dropped by parachute near Dijon shortly before D Day.His task was to organise sabotage and train the Maquis for combat.He had a number of scrapes with the occupying forces.On one occasion, he was fortunate to escape from a large band of Germans hunting down the saboteurs of the Besancon railway yard.His life was saved when he dived into an overgrown storm drain.His companion,a 16 year old French volunteer was not so lucky and was captured and beatened to death.

    George Millar was awarded the MC for his escape from Germany and the DSO for his work in the SOE. Like most irregulars,George Millar was a nonconformist and was accused of being "bolsie" by Vera Atkins back in Baker Sreet. His services to France were recognised by the award of the Croix de Guerre avec Palmes the creating him Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur.

    His immediate post war books "Horned Pigeon" which relates his experience as POW escaper and "Maquis" which relates his life as an SOE Organiser are vital if one wishes to see a clear picture of life in occupied France.
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    I'm saddened to hear of this hero's death, but glad he was able to live a long life in peace. I hope it was a happy one.

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