George Lysaght Hosford Steede, Rafvr

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    I’m wondering if anyone has any way of getting info on the above and how he died?
    By way of background: whilst researching the family history, I visited this tiny cemetery where numerous members of my husband’s family are buried. I found it a strange coincidence, as a relative whose father was from Rostrevor, a small village, also served with RAFVR and died aged 20 after crashing his plane in 1940.

    Sergeant GEORGE LYSAGHT HOSFORD STEEDE, 1063715, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve died age 21 on 14 October 1941
    Son of Dr. Benjamin Hosford Steede, M.A., M.D., and of Maude Steede, of Belfast.
    Remembered with honour ROSTREVOR (KNOTTY ASH) CEMETERY

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    Still hopeful, so bumping ...
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    Died in crash while taking further instruction in night fighter training at RAF Cranwell (have serial number of airplane if interested but will have to dig, can also send picture in uniform). The only information the family was given at the time was 'he flew into a hill in a county without any hills'. Quite cryptic.

    Father Benjamin won the Queen Victoria's Gold Medal in Mathematics for advances in calculations of parabolas, used the bursary to study medicine in Vienna, returned and established government TB clinics in Ireland. Presented papers to Royal Academy of Sciences on both subjects further on.

    Grandfather John Fitzgerald Hosford Steede, teacher and later Chief Inspector National Schools IE, died in Leipzig after being cared for by daughters Alice and Mary (taking degrees in education and music respectively, removing to North Vancouver, B.C. after his death, then Abbotsford, B.C., then retiring to Lynden, Washington).

    George's older sister Muriel - lecturer at Cambridge, then Professor and Dept. Head in primary education at Christ Church College, Canterbury. Married cousin in Vancouver, B.C. at age 72, John Hosford Steede (Chief Engineer and Executive Vice-President of B.C. Electric / B.C. Hydro post 1962), son of Francis Hosford Steede, brother to Benjamin, uncle to George, my great-grandfather.

    George's sister Florence - homemaker in Ireland, family has lost touch with cousins, if any, in IE.

    Best regards / Michael R.H. Steede
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    Hello Michael
    Thank you for taking the time to register and post the above information.

    As I explained in my original post, I found the headstone while looking at others in what is a very small graveyard. I was simply curious if there was any further information, so it is entirely up to yourself if you would like to add more. However, I would love to see a photo of George if you could add one to thread.

    A very distinguished family by the sounds of it.

    Curious explanation given to the family. Our own relative's crash was also a mystery.

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    This is the RAF Form 1180 for the accident, describing the event and the assumed cause.

    Copyright RAF Museum, Hendon

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    Thank you very much Ross
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    I tried to upload cousin George's photo via the image button using the url from my Picasa web album but received an error message. What is the best procedure for uploading an image?

    Tks / M
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    Hello Mike

    Use the direct link instead of image link and copy it,
    then click the icon for image, a green-ish square in the Reply box heading, above the text window (below, and slightly to left of, smilie icon)
    Paste the url and submit.
    Hopefully this will work.

    Otherwise, the forum has an excellent gallery/album facility of its own, where you can follow the Upload (black button) instructions
    Links for image/album can be found under Options after a photo has been uploaded.

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    Thanks Diane,

    Much appreciated.

    I can also add information / pictures regarding U.K. cousins, Maj. Anthony Steede, officer with the Green Howards, and Dr. Desmond Steede, Royal Medical Corps.

    Best / M
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    Superb addition thanks Mike.

    Hope you saw the form Ross posted.

    Adding more about the wider family is an unexpected but welcome bonus.
    Have you researched the cousins' service?

  13. mikeman123ca

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    Hi Diane,

    Yes, I did!!! Thanks very much to Ross. VERY much appreciated. The exact circumstances of the crash were never known until now. Quite the treat to find it was not entirely or possibly even at all pilot error.

    Re: cousins Desmond and Tony, I have what has been passed on verbally and through lengthy correspondence with Cousin Sandy. Their brother, Cousin Sandy, volunteered as he said 'he was wanting terribly to do his bit' but was turned down for medical reasons (duodenal ulcer). Then he went on to outlive everyone, passing on in his 90's (he had an operation on his stomach c. 1950). My Uncle Tony in Toronto is cousin Tony's namesake - he was born shortly after cousin Tony was taken prisoner.

    I'll rifle through my boxes and dig up their picture (all three brothers c. 1933-35).

    Best / M
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    HI Diane,

    I was just thinking this all through, and certainly appreciative to hear of the exact details as to George's demise finally. But then, I realized my reaction per above was in truth very callous and self-centred and about a very real young man, not just a footnote in our family history. In truth, what matter if it were an accident alone, or if in part or more his error. Either way, he gave himself to the cause.

    So I sit in my comfy armchair, never having been called upon nor tested, and as such certainly not in any way in a position to judge any who did their part, while I sit and my son plays on his Xbox.

    Thanks / Mike
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    Hi Mike,
    Perfectly understandable. There are many examples on the forum - relief at finally learning the facts - and I'd have the same reaction if I was able to find out why our relative died. But it is also a relief that in our case he and his gunner have graves with headstones: too many other families did not have that small consolation.

    I look forward to reading more about your family. Have you considered applying for a copy of George Steede's service records?
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    Hi again,

    These are George's cousins, by way of father George, brother to Benjamin...

    From left to right -
    Anthony Fitzgerald Hosford Steede
    John Maynard Fitzgerald Hosford Steede (Sandy)
    Desmond Fitzgerald Hosford Steede

    Cousin Tony as mentioned served with the Green Howards as an officer (I don't have any information as to his education). Also as mentioned, all of this information has come to me via my father and later Cousin Sandy before he passed on, so not all facts may be wholly accurate. Tony was captured at Dunkirk following the retreat from France. He was supervising the loading of men to the boats near the end when a piece of shrapnel hit his knee. He later told that he was treated excellently by the German doctors and nurses and they did a fantastic job repairing the knee. He also maintained that the only reason he had joined the army was so he could play on the army rugby teams and get paid at the same time, not to get shot at. He spent the entire war in a POW camp. At one point there was a prisoner exchange, however as there was a shortage of German POW's, and the junior men had priority, Tony had to remain behind. After the war Tony re-enlisted and was sent to Palestiine. While sitting in his jeep and waiting for his adjutant to return after delivering documents, there was an explosion and Tony suffered a head injury. From thereon he suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy and was on disability. He volunteered at the Green Howards Regimental Museum and lived out his life in Richmond, Yorkshire.

    Cousin Sandy had an M.A. in English Literature and worked as the headmaster of a boy's school. As mentioned previously he was unable to serve for medical reasons, and in truth was overall probably of more use where he was.

    Cousin Desmond became an M.D. and served with the Royal Army Medical Corps, landing on D-Day. After the war he worked as a general practitioner in a small village or town (unknown where). This caused a great deal of difficulty with his mother, who expected him to become a specialist and work in London for prestige reasons. Desmond supposedly had enough after WW2 and wanted a simple life in the countryside thereafter. Although he looks younger than his brothers he's actually the oldest.

    And that's that!

    Best to all / Mike S.
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    Hi Mike, many thanks for posting the photo and histories.,
    Would this be Tony - relates to GAF Steede, Green Howards?

    WO 100/506, GSM, Palestine 1936-1939

    Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 15.48.16.png

    WO 100/531, GSM, Palestine 1945-1948

    Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 15.50.51.png

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