George Henry CLEIFE, MiD, Merchant Navy, Cook: 06/12/1941

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    Cook George Henry Cleife | War Casualty Details | CWGC
    Cook Cleife is listed by CWGC as died on 6th December 1941 with HMS Gulzar. That vessel was sunk at Dover on 29th July 1940, so was he fatally wounded in this attack and died over a year later or is the entry for HMS Gulzar incorrect? Any ideas?


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    Naval casualty list published in "The Scotsman 18 September 1940" reports him under the category of "wounded". No other details.
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    Hi Steve,
    I can tell you that he joins HMS GULZAR on a T124 agreement on 19 January 1940. Your best bet to be sure would be to obtain his service record which is held at Kew in piece BT 390/19/6.
    He served in the Royal Navy from 1900 until 1910 and served during WW1 and beyond in the Merchant Navy.

    G.H. Cleife.PNG

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