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    Hello all,

    I hope someone can throw new light on my research

    My Grandfather was killed in action on Dec 6th 1943 in Italy. Can anyone please help me find more detailed info? Disability prevents me getting to the Nat Archives and I hoped somebody may already have the Coldstream Guards 3rd Bn diary for this period. Most of the published stuff is about Monte Cassino battle, which was the continuation of the action that killed George. However, very early December is often passed over.

    His personal (but unfortunately rarely entered) diary confirms he arrived in Algiers late February 1943. In mid August he was in Tripoli and was placed on a sick report with a ‘septic’ foot after a 20-mile night march (are there any online records of medical treatment while serving)?. He also served at Longstop Hill (May) and Pantelleria (June).

    On enlistment (1941, at Leicester) he was posted as a Guardsman. He was made L/Cpl in Dec 1942 but took the decision to relinquish his stripe in Sept 1943. Family recollection is that he did not want to move from his familiar ‘comrades’ and took the choice to remain with his fellow soldiers as a Guardsman. The dates of this don’t match with the ‘Salerno Mutiny’ so his actions probably weren’t connected…but who knows?

    Any thoughts from experienced historians or otherwise would be gratefully received. I already have a copy of his record from the CS Guards, but it’s the finer details I’m hoping for, (from within the War Diary).

    My mum (George’s daughter – who he never met) is 70 this year and this last bit of information would go a long way to tying up a lot of loose ends for her.

    Thanks so much

  2. jacksun

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    Gina, I dropped a PM to a couple chaps on here who were in Italy - if they can help they will be along to provide you what they can. Also copied one of our long time members who can help with the War Diary bit.

    Here's his Commonwealth War Graves Commission listing if you don't already have it.

  3. Drew5233

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    Hi Gina and welcome to the forum.

    I did have a copy of the war diary and I'm in the process of begging to get copies of all the files I've copied for members. Bare with me and if someone else doesn't help I should be able to. I have the CG's history upstairs too so unless someone beats me to it, I'll post up what it says in there.,%20GEORGE%20HERBERT
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    Thanks so much for your quick replies, I had viewed the cwgc site before and will wait patiently to see if anything else comes up :)
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    Tom Canning sent me some info in a PM, here's what he sent:

    "You are absolutely right that not much is written about the actions prior to the first battle of Cassino - as - being a cynic I always put that down to US Mark Clark not facing up to his errors in handling the British X corps at Mignano - Monte Lungo - and the massacre of his own 36th Division at San Pietro en Fine for which he was called to account after the war - but exonerated and so the only information you will find would be in the War Diary of the Bill Brown's...GG's to you"

    "As well as the war diaries - she should borrow the "Cassino- the hollow victory' by John Ellis as the first three chapters will fill her in on what happened as I suspect he fell at Mont Camino in what was known as the Guards terrible time when too many were killed in that awful advance to the Garigliano"

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    Thanks once again Wayne for your input, I will look into the 'hollow victory' which I'm guessing will be uncomfortable reading. I really appreciate any extra help I can get, and will be grateful for any other pointers as and when they arise.
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    I'll have a look in my copy of "No Dishonourable Name" an informal history of 2nd & 3rd CG 1939/46.

    My father was 3rd CG 1937/46 (pictured left in my avatar) but did not get as far as Italy (other than as POW 1942/43) as he was taken POW December 1941.

    Steve Y
  8. aquarius67

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    Thank you Steve, any info I can gather up would be great - you all seem to know far more than I do

  9. Owen

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    Good memoir by an officer of 3CG is 'Something About a Soldier' by Christopher Buteel MC.
    Worth a read if you can get a copy.
    Will tell you about life in the battalion in Tunisia & Italy up to Sept 43.
  10. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    Gina - I wouldn't buy any books just yet. I'm away from my books at the moment, working at the National Archives. I'll get my CG History off the shelf on Thursday. Always work with facts or you'll end up following red herrings.
  11. Owen

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  12. aquarius67

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    Massive thanks to you all, there's obviously quite a lot of stuff to research if you know where to look. Please keep it coming as I hope one day I'll get a better idea what happened to my Grandad.
  13. Tom Canning

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    That clip of Owen's in his posting # 11 - is factual - and to enlarge on that - Google for - "The Battle of Monte Camino" which will fill you in on what happened at that time - if you read the London Irish's as good as thee War

    Diaries will be.....the 201 Guards took one hell of a beating there and I suspect that is where your G'Father was lost along with the son of the later GOC 11th Armoured Div in NWE - Gen. Alexander ( an Irish Guardsman) then called for the 61st

    Guards bde to come forward from 6th Armoured Division - North Africa


    Correction- the son of Gen Adair was killed at Camino - the Gen. was GOC Guards Ad not 11th Armoured which had Pip Roberts ( 3rd Tanks) as GOC
  14. Owen

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  15. aquarius67

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    Thanks ever so much for this info, I think you're right in terms of Monte Camino - the dates match up.
  16. aquarius67

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    Lots to read on these threads, thanks very much Owen. My guess is that my Grandad was one of the 'others' killed at the 2nd Battle of Monte Camino.
    Really helpful input from everybody ...couldn't do it without you all :)
  17. Coldstream1943

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    Just stumbled across this very interesting thread. My late great grandfather was killed on Monte Camino Sgt H J Baker 5669993, Coldstream Guards. Really didn't know much but know more since reading the links. It appears he was one of the 2 officers killed in the first battle 12th November 43. Anything extra insight anyone can provide would be ace. Also saw this on bbc site which was interesting and very poignant Thanks, Nick

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