George Edwin HARMES 466 (R.A.A.F.) Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

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    Hi Everyone,
    George died Died 17/05/1943 Aged 21
    I have been looking at the NAA website and searched George's name, but there is no information on him, his Service Number was 1547702 and there is only 1 record of him on FMP -" British armed forces and overseas deaths and burials Transcription," nothing else. I cannot find him on the National Archives either, except this :-

    Reference: AIR 50/268
    No. 466 (Royal Australian Air Force) Squadron
    Date: 1943 Feb.- 1944 Aug.
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    No. 466 (Royal Australian Air Force) Squadron
    This record has been digitised as part of multiple records
    You can browse for these records. - this isn't quite right, because I couldn't browse. - or am I missing something ?
    But would need to go to the The National Archives.

    Could he have to have been posted to the Australian Air Force in England, or would he have to have been in Australia to be in the RAAF?
    Any help would be gratefully received. Kind regards, Mavis Williams
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    England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1916-2007
    Name: George E Harmes
    Registration Date: 1921
    Registration district: Wirral
    Inferred County: Merseyside
    Re-registration Year: 1921
    Mother's Maiden Name: Peters
    Volume Number: 8a
    Page Number: 691

    There seem to be several family trees for him
    George Edwin Harmes
    BIRTH SEP 1921 • Wirral, Cheshire
    DEATH 17 MAY 1943

    I can only assume he was at some point 'transferred' to an RAAF Sqdn as a replacement, it would appear he was not Australian.
    I am hoping others will be able to verify [or not] the above


    Aircraft accidents in Yorkshire.
    Sgt George Harmes was reported as missing on 17th May 1943 on a mine laying flight in Wellington HE386, no trace was ever found of the aircraft or its crew. He was twenty one years old and is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

    On the night of 28th/29th March 1943 the crew of this aircraft were tasked with Ops to St.Nazaire and left Leconfield at 18.43hrs. The crew dropped their bombs from 14,500 feet at 22.09hrs over the target area but the rear turret was damaged by flak with the perspex found broken. The crew landed safely at base at 02.12hrs
    Air Gunner - Sgt George Edwin Harmes RAFVR (1547702), of Ewloe, Flintshire

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    From Carnes NAA service file:

    To me this shows that D C Robertson & G E Harmes were British and not Australian

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    Sorry for the late reply, thank you so much both TD and alieneyes, I am so grateful for your input, where would I be without this Forum? I will be looking at the links tomorrow and cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help. Kindest regards, Mavis
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    It was not unusual for dedicated air forces to include RAF personnel on their squadrons as illustrated above.Such a situation was determined by the availability of aircrew output coming from final training at HCUs, the expansion of bomber squadrons against crew losses being experienced and shortfalls in crews for manning dedicated air forces.I think the least affected was probably the RCAF which had its own dedicated Bomber Group,namely No 6 Bomber Group based in Yorkshire.

    When the Polish Air Force Bomber Command squadrons converted to the Lancaster from the Wellington,there was a shortfall in Polish aircrew to man three flights and to make up the numbers,RAF aircrew were posted in to their new PAF airfield at Faldingworth.

    Similarly RCAF and RAAF personnel flew with RAF Squadrons.
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  7. Peter Clare

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    From RAF Bomber Command Losses - W R. Chorley

    16-17 May 1943

    466 Squadron
    Wellington X HE386 HD-Z
    Op. Gardening

    Took off from Leconfield at 2159 hours and headed for the Jellyfish area. At the time the crew might be expected to be returning to base, monitoring stations picked up faint W/T signals. By 0120 hours an air sea rescue operation was under way, the search eventually extending to an area 70 miles south of the Lizard. No trace of the Wellington or its crew were sighted. All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.


    Sgt. J W. Lawson RAAF +
    Sgt. R D. Carne RAAF +
    Sgt. R L. Robertson RAAF +
    Sgt. D C. Robertson +
    Sgt. G E. Harmes +
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    Thank you Harry Ree and Peter Clare for the extra information, it all helps build a picture their training , life and of their last flight bless them. Much appreciated. Kind regards, Mavis
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    I cannot add much to this thread but George Harmes is my wife’s uncle. Several family members still live in the area close to Ewloe. I’m afraid we cannot add much to his story but it is heartening to see that his service is still respected. Thank You. John
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    Hi John

    Welcome - and thank you for your comments - this is what this site is all about


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