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    I am just starting to research a Charles Cornes for a relative , trying to get some background whilst they apply for his service record .not even sure if he was WW2.
    I have no number or rank ,but he served with the 14/20th Royal Hussars and is mentioned in their Club Page Noah's Arc but only in a social manner post war at a reunion at Medicina Italy 2012
    The main point of my post is the Sword/Sabre that was amongst his possessions, The nearest I can get to identifying it is that it is called a Generals Sword.
    Does that mean General as in GD or General in Rank (I do not think he was a General)
    Would this be standard ceremonial Sword for the 14/20th?
    Just to complicate the issue I have a Peter Cornes ( Son/brother )I believe may have served in same Regiment

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    Have found S/Sgt Anthony (Charles) Cornes 14/20 Hussars Defiantly Post war will seek further info elsewhere.
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    I have recently been brushing up on my full dress uniforms in preparation for painting a series of models. The sword is the correct Mameluke pattern for a general. Certainly not a full dress cavalry sword. All the Mameluke pattern swords I have found have an ivory hilt with gilt fittings and a steel scabbard. Difficult to tell if this matches your photo but the scabbard looks to be brass.

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    Thank you Mike
    The Picture s above were taken from the internet.
    The Sword itself is in poor condition .( I only have Email pictures of original that for some reason I cannot upload)
    Most of the photos I have found of Generals wearing them would appear to have Steel scabbards
    There is a Picture on Wikipedia (Mameluke Sword) Of Field Marshal Henry Wood Circa 1900 in full ceremonial dress and his scabbard is brass or gilt.
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  6. Trux

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    I should make it clear that in my post above I am speaking only of the last full dress uniforms. In earlier times Mameluke swords were common with officers of infantry and cavalry. They were also common in other armies.

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    Thank you Mike a bit more useful info.
    The Great, Great , Great , (I think) Grandfather of A..Cornes was a Frenchman serving as an Gentleman Paymaster with the German British Legion
    he was commissioned into the East Devonshire Regt in 1858 and transferred to the15th Kings Hussars in 1868 ending up as a Major.
    I am told the Sword has family connections ,plenty of scope if lower ranks might carry one.
    Once I get hands on might be able to see if blade is etched.( is it a to clean a blade? )
  8. Trux

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    There you might have it. In mid C19th some Hussar regiments certainly carried Mamelukes and in other regiments I think only field officers (major and above) carried them. Many variations and many possibilities so worth looking further. Officers bought their own swords and so might not be etched.

    Serious cleaning is best left to experts. If it is a good blade rust should not be a problem. I sold all mine four years ago.

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    Many thanks

  10. Trux

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    15 Hussars George IV.jpg

    Officers sword. 15th Hussars. George IV.

    A little early but...

  11. Trux

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    According to the Fostens (who know everything) scabbards were steel for junior officers and brass for field officers.

    I am off to rest my brain now.

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