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    Born on this day the 6th December were:

    Czechoslovakian Major-General Mikuláš Doležal in 1889
    Japanese Lieutenant-General Kashiwa Toku in 1887
    Japanese Major-General Ueda Masao in 1897
    Soviet Lieutenant-General Nikolai Ivanovich Biriukov in 1901
    Soviet Major-General of Technical Troops Nikolai Andreevich Urmaev in 1895
    Yugoslav/Croat Brigadier-General Đorđe F. Gruić in 1887
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    Born on this day the 8th December were:

    Italian Lieutenant-General Francesco Bertini in 1878
    Japanese Major-General Kaji Eijiro in 1886
    Lithuanian/Soviet Brigadier-General Albinas Cepas-Cepaukas in 1896
    US Major-General Frank O'Driscoll Hunter in 1894
    US Major-General Rush B. Lincoln in 1881
    US Major-General Edwin Bowman Lyon in 1892
    US Brigadier-General Vincent J. Meloy in 1895
    US Brigadier-General Thomas Edison Roderick in 1892
    US Brigadier-General Richard Herbert Somer in 1881
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    Born on this day the 9th December were:

    French General Georges-Maurice-Jean Blanchard in 1877
    British Brigadier John Godfrey Flewett in 1900
    Greek Field Marshal Aleksandros Papagos in 1883
    US Major-General Benjamin Delahauf Foulois in 1879
    US Lieutenant-General Daniel Isom Sultan in 1885
    US Brigadier-General Charles Orval Thrasher in 1886
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    I just discovered that this thread has been going on for more than a year by now and that I am repeating myself here, which seems a bit silly. So with that I am going to end by postings in this thread.
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    Born this day December 25 :

    Polish General Stefan Rowecki in 1895..

    Commander of the Warsaw Armored/Motor Brigade during the Polish Campaign - September 1939.

    Commander-in-chief of the Polish underground - Armia Krajowa (Home Army) from 1942 till his arrest by the Gestapo in June 30th 1943.

    One source says he was probably murdered in August 1944 in Sachsenhausen.
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