General or Specific ?

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General Knowledge or Specific Knowledge?

  1. I like to study a bit of each area of WW2

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  2. I like to focus on one area or battle of WW2

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  1. kingarthur

    kingarthur Well-Known Member

    My real passion is 1st Airborne Division/Brigade predominately 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment due to family involvement.Although Arnhem plays a big part,my main area of research involves the Seaborne Tail and their role on the South side during the operation. The regiments North African Operations,taking in Sicily and Italy also play a massive part in my research.

    I can honestly say that the forum and its members have played a massive part in dealing with the finer points of my research.

  2. David123

    David123 David123

    I found this website by advice from a friend.
    The members have been so helpful to me in researching family members and have supplied lots of information.
    I have had the pleasure of posting on the website in the War At Sea my Dad and my brother in law in War In The Air.
    I am proud to be a member and have met so many friends.
  3. Kbak

    Kbak Senior Member

    I was so glad I found this site.
    Thanks to the great people and their amount of knowledge, I have been able to piece together many aspects of WW2 especially Dunkirk and N W Europe connections.
    They have helped with the researching of my family and also pulling together new avenues with the ones that I already new, and I have been able to return the help.
    Its a pleasure being a member of this site:D

    Kind regards

  4. meghw

    meghw Junior Member

    I have been trying to get a handle on my dad's travels from Normandy to Germany, he has a set list of France, Germany, Holland and Belgium that he quotes whenever asked. As he was RASC he would have followed whatever battalion he was attached to.

    I visited the naval museum at Lyness, Hoy which has just too much information to even take in a proportion of the material.

    Myother half has Andaman connections and is interested in the trek undertaken from Burma to India.

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