General Alexander's Order of the Day Feb 22/23 1943

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    Working thorough the 10th Workshop REME war diary I have found a reference to General Alexander's Order of the Day this was read out on parade to workshop on the 23rd of February 1943 I assume it was produced at the time he took over command of the 1st Army.
    Does any one have a copy or a link to the order please?

    Interestingly the day before on the 22nd another order was read out stating there would be no retreat in the event of an Axis breakthrough and troops would stand and fight in their current positions this was presumably as a result of the Kesserine breakthrough 50 miles to the south of the workshop position at Ghardimaou and the thrusts from the 5th Panzer Army 40 miles to the North east.

    At this stage of the campaign Ghadimaou situated at the head of the Medjerda valley appears to be being used as staging area for 2nd and 3rd echelon troops if anyone has any further details on this location I would be interested to hear from them
    Many thanks
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