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    George S. Patton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A then and now. Thought I'd put the first one up as I can't find anything similar on 'net.

    "Patton was buried at the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm, Luxembourg along with other members of the Third Army. On March 19, 1947, his body was moved from the original grave site in the cemetery to its current prominent location at the head of his former troops."



    Explanation of the siting of his grave here
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    Funeral services for US General George Patton at an American cemetery in Luxembourg, Germany.

    Funeral of US General George Patton in December 1945 in Luxembourg, Germany after World War II. Exterior of military hospital at Heidelberg. Sign reads 'Villa Rehner'. US soldiers carry Patton's casket out of villa and put it into an ambulance as soldiers stand at attention. Ambulance moves along a road followed by soldiers on foot. Exterior of Christ Church. Casket being carried into church. Civilian man and woman enter the church. Minister leading procession from church, followed by casket, casket being put into the ambulance again for transport to Luxembourg. Funeral procession moves along streets of Luxembourg. Parading tanks and half tracks in the funeral procession. Half truck bearing body of Patton passes. Crowd lined up on sidewalks. Body being borne into American cemetery in Luxembourg. Body being carried through lines of soldiers at attention. Spectators at attention on sidelines. Soldiers fire volley over the grave. Soldier blow taps.

    US Government Archive number for this historic video is:
    200 MTT 1425 HH,II
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