Gen Alexanders address to 8th army 11th May 1944

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    Can some one please point me to a link that would show the contents of the letter that was read out to all 8th Army troops on the afternoon of 11th May 1944 prior to the opening of the 4th battle to breach the Gustav line

    Many thanks

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    I think that this might be what you are looking for but I'm afraid its the only copy I have and the date is not fully displayed.
    See what you think. It is from A History of the 67th Field Regt by Peter Mennell. For a brief few days the Regiment came under 8th Army.
    Alexander was originally Commander of 1st Infantry Division so they watched and read everything about him.
    At Anzio Lt Beadle CPO 266 Battery 67th Field Regt referred to themselves as "Alexanders Nut Crackers".

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    P1010087 (2).JPG P1010086 (2).JPG same, same + Olive Leese's exhortation
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    Interesting your comment that this was read to all 8th Army Troops, quite possibly so but it is from HR Alexander Commander in Chief, Allied Armies in Italy. It was seemingly issued to all the forces under his command. From Dunkirk, Tunisia and throughout the Italian Campaign he was held in high regard by the British 1st Division. They believed in him, feeling that he was lucky and would not let them down, especially at Anzio when things got tough.

    "In fact the papers as usual made a summer out of one swallow and made it appear that we were booked for a quick trip to Rome. But we were never under that illusion and it was no surprise when things suddenly got tough.
    How long they remain tough is a question for the future but despite the rough going everyone here is very cheerful and confident that Alexander’s nutcrackers will do the job in the end". Letter 19th February, 1944
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    Thank you all for the prompt replies this site and it's member's never fail to supply answers and information when needed so once again many thanks.

    Bexley84 excellent that is exactly what I was looking for, both address are mentioned in my Father's unit war diary as they were read out to the assembled men by the unit CO at an all ranks parade at 1800hrs on the 11 May 1944.


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