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    Like everybody else I was inundated with emails advising me of the GDPR European Law of 25th May and requesting my confirmation of if, and how, I wished for the sender to stay in touch. I religiously completed each mainly because I looked forward to a spam free inbox. However here we are a couple of weeks later and it hasn't made an iota of difference.
    Same for everybody else?
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    ah ha ah ha
    very good point

    did receive a few from long unused apps that i have now declined emails
    declined everything else
    so will see

    big brother/sister/lgbt and others are watching you there is no escape
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    Some sites crash if you try to unsubscribe and then spam you later...

    And others continually spam you saying ‘are you really sure that you want to leave us’. Well given that I didn’t know you in the first place, ‘yes’.

    Then there is GnatWest Bank who insist that I tell them if I wish them to continue to send me quarterly statements. Well, ‘no’. You never have previously, I get monthly statements.

    GDPR - God Damn Pr*cks and Rascals...
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    I used it to cull all my previous cold callers. I decided not to reply unless I really needed to, with the view that if I purchased something from them anew it would reinstate my contact etc.

    Made very little difference. :rolleyes:
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