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Discussion in 'Books, Films, TV, Radio' started by Swiper, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan


    For some reason I have a funny feeling this film will be a gigantic lemon... *Monuments Men Flashback*
  2. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

    Many thanks for posting the Trailer video.

  3. TTH

    TTH Senior Member

    It can't be that bad a picture if it has a Browning M2HB in it...
  4. TTH

    TTH Senior Member

    I note:

    1. Tough veteran sergeant
    2. Naive young kid
    3. Token Mexican member of the crew

    Such signs don't encourage me. Now, if Pitt could only have worked his wife in as the sex interest...Belgian resistante? WAC/Nurse? Butch SS maiden?
  5. phylo_roadking

    phylo_roadking Very Senior Member

    "I have a bad feeling about this"...

    No - wait, that's Star Wars VII :)
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  6. Bernard85

    Bernard85 WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    good day swiper.yesterday,06:51pm.re:fury trailer is out.i cannot see why it should fail.its brutal,it has the horror tha brings in the dollars,no.i think it will do grate.thanks for posting (i dont go to the movies.but my grand children do) they often spend time telling me about the films they see.it sound like the usuel make believe film,regards bernard85 :m9:
  7. Mike L

    Mike L Very Senior Member

    This seems to get good press reviews as a rather 'gritty' war film.

    Any forum members seen it yet?

    My impressions from the clips I have seen is that it does seem to be fairly authentic, but I don't know much about the story and I hate CGI.

    Any member reviews?
  8. tmac

    tmac Senior Member Patron

    I saw it last week. The action sequences are impressive and brutal. As for authenticity, the reality of fighting in a tank - claustrophobic, noisy and horrendously dangerous - is excellently conveyed. Brad Pitt's character is probably a bit OTT in the gung-ho department and the storyline is somewhat strained. This is supposed to be the closing weeks of the war, when the Allies had overwhelming superiority. Yet, as in Saving Private Ryan, the Americans end up defending a vital location with limited resources against strong German forces. But, overall, a breathtaking film which left me thinking: 'You'd never get me in a bloody tank.' Definitely worth seeing.
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  9. arnhem44

    arnhem44 Member

    I will see it next week.
    My question so far is; what about this Hispanic character in the tank (loader?), with the heavy hispanic (mexican) accent (of today's population).
    Is that authentic ?
    If in ww2 american soldiers were serving with hispanic names/ ancestry then surely they spoke american english better.

    I have the feeling he is the "excuse"minority to show up in the team.
    Is this feeling true ?
  10. 379/101 HAA

    379/101 HAA Ubique

    I saw it last week, came away a bit dissapointed.

    I think it`s fair to say that the equipment and uniforms were pretty authentic, but you could feel the 21st centuary influence in the film. Some of the tank crew`s characters seemed decidely modern in their attitude and not of the 1940s era.

    Other things that didn`t seem right to me where:

    1: Way too much bad langauge, too much "f-ing" and too much "c*ck s*cking". Spoilt it in my opion and again, a trait of modern "yankee" films.
    2: The overly long, and strangley sinister scene, when the tank crew took over the German women`s house? Felt more like something out of "Inglorious B*stards" to me.
    3: An over emphasis on the SS being the bad guys and not just the Nazis in general. Probably a marketing / distribution thing to make it more acceptable in certain countries.

    Aside from that it was "OK", and the action scenes were very well done.

    Still worth a watch I`d say, but as has been pointed out, not on a level with Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers even.


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  11. JDKR

    JDKR Member

    I saw the film last night and was very disappointed. After a reasonable start it became increasingly unrealistic, ending with an Alamo style, ludicrous finale. Points of detail:

  12. hidip

    hidip hidip

    I went to see this film last night, the scenes where the Sherman tanks take on the Tiger tank were riveting it gave me a sense of what it was like to fight in a Sherman tank, as my father did, first in the desert, and then in Europe, also as a tank driver. I have the greatest respect for these men. The film itself was quite brutal, as war is, but the crew of this American tank were like animals, I took it that the war had de-sensitised them, but they were too brutal, even with each other. It was also like Brad Pitts tank and crew versus the German Army (of course) it was 2hours and 15mins long, but didn't seem that long, so overall not a bad film, better than I had expected.
  13. TTH

    TTH Senior Member

    I felt it was a mixed bag, like so many war films.

    Good points:
    1. The tanks and vehicles, whch are the real stars of the picture. I wasn't surprised to see that Bovington was involved. Quite impressive. I didn't notice any technical glitches or obvious anachronisms of equipment and uniform.
    2. The actors, who are uniformly good. I never cared for Pitt, but he isn't bad in this. Shia LaBoeuf, who I had come to detest, gives a good, restrained performance. The actor playing the new guy was also excellent, as were the two German women.
    3. Some of the wartime atmosphere; it's clear from this that the conquest of Germany was no walkover (though I knew that already).

    Not so good: the script. Too many literary touches, too many anti-war war movie cliches, too many improbabilities.
    1. The crew was your typical All-American cross section with the grizzled sarge, the ethnic guy, the southerner, the kid.
    2. Pitt is given some impossibly heavy lines. "Idealism is peaceful, history is violent." Oh saw my leg off and carry me home to die, as Mr. Clemens would have said.
    3. What's with all the references to the Deity? Some soldiers do pray, but few of them are conspiscuous about it.
    4. One of the first rules of a good war movie or novel is NO ROMANCE. That scene with the German women, besides being wildly unlikely, brought the picture to a screeching halt for a good half hour.
    5. The guys keep having deep conversations and emotional moments IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BATTLE. I was practically yelling Tuco Ramirez' quote at them, "WHEN YOU HAVE TO SHOOT SHOOT, DON'T TALK."
    6. I feel funny saying this because I know how awful WWII was, but some of the violence and crudity felt overdone to me. While some Germans were fighting to the last round in April 45, others were surrendering as fast as they could. And would an experienced non-com really allow his men to insult and abuse a replacement like this? That's no way to make a guy a member of the team.
    7. Everybody has his cornball moment of redemption. The sarge behaves decently to the German women, the dumb Southern yokel apologizes to the kid, the crude Mexican weeps over dead horses and apologizes for being drunk. Look, some guys are just rotten, OK? They only see the light in the movies, not in real life.
    8. I didn't think the combat was too inaccurate until that last scene. Talk about Nazi Sentry Syndrome and the Law of Evil Marksmanship, those SS guys were practically brain-damaged. Some of the Volksturm and HJ units in the last days were just about helpless in the face of experienced Allied troops, but this unit is supposed to be a crack outfit.

    Oh, well. The tanks and the actors were good.
  14. arnhem44

    arnhem44 Member

    Just saw it too.

    It's a pity how recently (like Monuments Men) these recent WW2 movies have -finally- budgetted top equipment models (tanks, trucks, uniforms, weapons), top ranking star actors, basically an original story ..... but the script/story on screen sucked. A good script writer could have made more depth in the characters and story overall. Give some smartness to it. But I fear that it was written by this "top veteran adviser" knowing all about M4 transmissions, but nothing about story telling/making.
    Why is that ?

    On the list of negatives above , which I underline, the following to add:
    1) None of the SS troops (already PACKED with panzerfausts) think of manoeuvring around the tank and hit it from behind ? ..oh yeah..after sunset (hmmm? 4 hours later?)
    2) None of the SS troops ever thought of throwing a petrolbomb/molotov flask, doust the tank with the jerrycans laying around, or from the halftracks ?..or simply BYpass the sherman ?
    3) If stranded tank on Xroads trying to make it into bunker... at least had the top MG dismounted and placed for cover fire in the building next to it..manned by the radio operator and driver...
    4) 4 Sherman tanks on route/column: VERRRRY slowpaced..(top speeds 35 mph here like 5 mph)..no guns angled to left and right... when passing bushes no one on turret having MG cocked and aimed at bushes..just-in-case...
    5) 4 tanks vs Tiger tank..good retreat in bushes with smoke..but then ??? CHARGE! full abreast...like horse cavalry. No longer distance flanking movement ..duh.
    I really wonder who these "top veteran advisers" were for this movie....
    6) Tiger tank was grey....not yellow or camouflage....also no supporting troops, no halftrack , no nothing... weird.
    7) and ALL the 75mm PAK grenades bounced off the M4 hulls or dug into the ground...REALLY?? My God these germans (Pak, tank, SS) are ALL awfull.... oh no; the best marksmen were the sniper and the HJ kid of 12 year old.

    I did find the view on the bomberfleet and coming in luftwaffe an unexpected awesome moment.
    Oftentimes carnage seen from afar make a bigger cinematic emotional impact than exploding skulls up close.

    The scene with the women in house..indeed awwwwwfulllllll...and tooooooo long..urrrgh.
    (btw skirt of 2nd girl = too short for 1945...rrrrrreally..)
  15. smdarby

    smdarby Patron Patron

    Disappointing I thought. Cliché - ridden and laughable in parts. Most of the tank crews looked so old they should be in a rest home rather than fighting. And what was it with everyone having scarred faces?
  16. A-58

    A-58 Not so senior Member

    I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago with a friend, and I liked it. Yes, there were the obligatory cliches and unneeded scenes, but what movie does not have them? It could've been better, and it could've been a lot worse. Having Brad Pitt as the veteran tank commander was a bit of a stretch I felt going in, but he did a pretty good job. As discussed and pointed out in detail over on WW2F, I believe that most of us here really know too much of the way things should be depicted in movies, and are quick to nitpick and tear into the newly released war flicks without trying to sit back and enjoy them for what they are; entertainment. Of course I do prefer as much attention to detail as the next guy here, but there's just so much to expect from Hollyweird these days. But those tanks looked great didn't they!

    In the US military of WW2, Hispanics were not segregated as blacks and Asians were. The Hispanics were drafted at the same rate of everyone else, and many were activated when their National Guard units were federalized early in 1940-42. In contrast, Native Americans (Indians) were allowed to enlist, but could not be drafted as they were considered as citizens of their tribe/reservation first, while still being legally classified as US citizens. Many individual National Guardsmen were called up individually as replacements if their unit was not activated as a whole. And Mexican nationals were allowed to enlist directly into all branches of the US military as Mexico did not furnish ground troops or naval units to the war effort. The Mexican Air Force created a fighter group (outfitted with P-47s I believe) and offered it to the US for service as needed. It was sent to the Philippines and saw action late in the campaign there. So to answer the question, the Latino soldier in the tank with four rednecks would not be out of the question for that time frame.
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  17. Recce_Mitch

    Recce_Mitch Very Senior Member

    While I haven't seen Fury yet I have just watched a documentary called Tanks of Fury which showed in part how the film was made interspersed with real WWII tank footage. I especially liked seeing Tiger 131 which had a 1 day shoot for the film.

  18. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    I went to see this on the weekend and agree that it had it's flaws. However, I definitely intend on buying a copy on DVD when it comes out.

    The main reason to buy a copy is that I missed big chunks of the dialogue due to a combination of my poor hearing and the variety of accents combined with the background noises (damn noisy war, why can't everyone keep it quiet??).

    The joy of watching it on DVD will be fast-forwarding the whole scene in the German house with the ladies as I don't really see it as value adding to the story. Ditto with the shooting of the first German prisoner.

    Some of the "errors" that slightly annoyed me were things like the very first tank lost was hit by a Panzerfaust and brewed up immediately yet later on when Fury was hit a few times it only scratched the paint (and took out one of the crewmen).

    Why was the ammo left outside the vehicle just before the final battle? - plenty of time to have a long chat and a drink but no time to prepare themselves......

    Why did Bible boy find it necessary to pee into an empty ammo tin inside the tank at the start of the movie? - as seen later on there is a perfectly accessible hatch at the bottom of the tank. (I asked this question at work to find out that the bottom escape hatch is pretty much a one-shot deal as it is bloody heavy and not hinged - not something to use for a quick leak)

    I like the fact that the whole movie barely covers a 24 hour period - not a bad first day in the Armored Corps for young Norman.

    But most of the problems with the movie are trumped by being able to watch a Tiger Tank in action - if only for 10 minutes. Not too sure on the accuracy of the scenes, but watching rounds spang off the side of the Tiger looked good.
  19. TTH

    TTH Senior Member

    One thing I should add. This film gave me a vivid impression of the peculiar nastiness of armored warfare. The threat of being brewed up (always a major concern in a Sherman) was particularly well conveyed, as was the cramped and uncomfortable interior of the tank.

    I should add that according to the credits the film crew did have the help of 2nd Armored Division veterans, so they did do some homework. And as to the Sherman brewing up from the panzerfaust...that tank was I think hit in the side, where the armor was thinner (down to 38mm) than on the hull front.
  20. JohnS

    JohnS Senior Member

    Also the angle that the shell hits the armour is important so it is possible that a round or two will bounce off.

    Interesting reading your reviews. It seems that I will watch mainly to see a real Tiger tank in action.

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