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    Hello all,

    I'm new here, and helping someone fill in background on the activities of the Field Security Sections in 1942-46, as part of her research on her father's time in the Int Corps. I have reviewed his service record, and have reviewed some National Archives files on military government in Aachen, where he ended up, but there are still gaps regarding what he and his colleagues were doing in 1942-45. On my last visit to Kew, I didn't check HS 7/31, which probably would have been sensible, but I'll do so on my next visit. I have a copy of 'Sharing the Secret', the Int Corps history, but it focuses on the more spectacular FSSs.

    He, Sgt James McCormack, was an accomplished linguist who initially joined the RA but was detached to No 2 Company at the Field Security Centre Winchester in November 1940, attached to the Intelligence Training Centre at Winchester 28 Jan - 8 Feb 1941 and transferred to the Int Corps on 8 Feb 1941, posted to the Field Security Wing. He remained there for a year until posted to No 118 and/or 140 FSS in Liverpool in Feb 1942. In Feb 1944 he was attached to 110 Home Port Security Section at Plymouth as an A/Cpl, presumably for Overlord security.

    He returned briefly to Liverpool but as things developed after D-Day he was posted to the just-formed No 323 FSS on 17 Oct 1944, the day before its departure from HQ Int Corps (Field) [located where?] to Antwerp.

    On 22 Nov he was posted to 64 FSS, one of the two FSSs that had been supporting SOE. The unit was located in Hamburg but from May 1945 or so he was located in Aachen on border security. He remained on 64 FSS strength until May 1946, except for 3 weeks 'medical evacuation' on 10 Nov 1945 (Xii List) admitted to No 128 Field Ambulance [located where?], on return from which on 3 Dec he was posted to 1024 Field Security Reserve Detachment [this may have effectively been an administrative internal posting as he does not appear to have been away from Aachen for very long] until posted back to 64 FSS on 21 Jan 1946. He remained there until return to UK in May 46 for demob. His CO in Aachen was a Capt Pennington or Pennison or Penniston or similar.

    Although the posting details are clear enough, there are grey areas regarding:
    - what he might have been doing at Winchester from Nov 40 to Feb 42, latterly (after 2 weeks training) including a full year with the FSW.
    - what 323 FSS might have been doing during Oct/Nov 44 and why he would have been posted so quickly to 64 FSS.
    - More detail on 64 FSS (the War Diary is not at Kew and might not exist) and any other known records on its role in the period Nov 44 - May 46.
    - The mystery of the admission to 128 Fd Amb and subsequent posting for 7 weeks to 1024 FSRD and back.

    Any suggestions on where I should be looking would be brilliant.

    Many thanks.
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    Might be worth contacting the Int Corps museum at Chicksands.
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    I'm presuming you have a copy of his service record from MOD?

    I understand that medical papers are with the service file but that MOD will not release unless for "exceptional reasons ".

    MOD did not specify what they consider exceptional reasons when I asked last year but I don't believe family history research is a valid reason.


    Steve Y
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    Thanks, Steve and Psywar,
    Yes I have the service record and extracted the details above from it. We have been in touch with the Intelligence Museum and perhaps could pay a visit.
    Thanks, both, for the tips.

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