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Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Dave Yendall, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Dave Yendall

    Dave Yendall Member

    A friend has asked me to try and find out about her Dad during the war. I only have his name seved 39 to 45 and came from the Birmingham area where should i start ?
  2. dp_burke

    dp_burke Junior Member

    Start with his name, what was it?
  3. Dave Yendall

    Dave Yendall Member

    Thomas William Hopkins from the Sparkhill area of Birmingham
  4. dp_burke

    dp_burke Junior Member

    Was he aircrew or ground crew or maybe they don't know?

    Any wartime photos? If so does the background look like England or Egypt or Burma etc.

    Ought to be able to get a serial number or some options from AIR78 at least. Someone here might have more free time but I can try later. Common enough name though.

    Any possible medals or any sort of document they have overlooked?
  5. dp_burke

    dp_burke Junior Member

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  6. Dave Yendall

    Dave Yendall Member

    Thanks i will try to get more info
  7. dp_burke

    dp_burke Junior Member

    As I thought, there were more than one Thomas William Hopkins, but, only three of them.
    That doesn't include T W Hopkins, where only initials are recorded:

    So those three serial numbers are:

    1087347 Militia PC
    1531263 JB

    So, is there any document or other that might include one of those numbers within that family?

    An explanation of the word militia there and the letters PC and JB can be found here:
    RAF - Militia (World War Two) - RootsChat.Com
    AIR 78 and finding RAF Other Ranks Service Number

    The serial number batches can be interpreted here
    RAF/RAF OR Service Numbers

    So they are from the top
    1087347 - enlisted at Padgate sometime after Sep 1939
    1531263 enlisted at Padgate sometime after Apr 1941
    1866369 enlisted at Cardington sometime after oct 1942
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  8. Dave Yendall

    Dave Yendall Member

    Lovely thanks for all your help i will look into this later
  9. Blutto

    Blutto Plane Mad

    Not sure if I've missed something, but where did the assumption that he was RAF come from?
  10. Dave Yendall

    Dave Yendall Member

    His daughter told me thats about all she knows unfortunately
  11. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    Hi Blutto,
    Very nearly posted the same question until I noticed that the post is to the Forum 'The War in the Air'.

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