Freyberg and the Abbey at Monte Cassino

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    My favourite Freyberg anecdote:

    He's also a great friend of Churchill. And in the 1920s it was said he went to a dinner party at Chartwell, a country weekend house party, at which Churchill was the host. And after dinner, having demanded that Freyberg regale the other dinner guests with a few choice war stories from the First World War, Freyberg was induced to remove his dinner jacket and his shirt and Churchill and his guests counted 24 war wounds and battle scars about his body. To which Freyberg modestly said, in a way that only Freyberg could, 'Ah but Winston, only half of them count; the others are exit wounds.'

    Coalition Warfare 1944: The Monte Cassino Campaign | Video Archive | Lunchtime Lectures | National Army Museum, London
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