French Tank Drawings.

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  1. von Poop

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    French official portal. Seems to be an Army remembrance site (not sure yet).
    Dozens of older/experimental tank Drawings published.
    Markings, R35, Panther, M4 etc. etc.
    Some very interesting drawings that look like work on upgrading Panther & Sherman.
    Worth a look.
    Haven't worked out if they're for purchase yet. There's an add to basket link, but not checked if there's a charge.

    Plans de véhicules blindés - Faire une recherche - Mémoire des hommes
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    Looks like a good site but I can't find the tank drawings. I clicked the English icon and looked at all the links but didn't see mechanical drawings like the ones in your second post.

    Any chance you could post another, lower link from the site?
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  5. von Poop

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  6. Dave55

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    Aha. That page displays perfectly in French. When I click on the English language icon if drops back to the initial landing page, in English.

    Thanks very much. I can enjoy the drawing even if I can't read the captions. I'm an American. We don't do anything but English! ;)
  7. canuck

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    The fixation with multiple turrets carried on post war it seems. Ironically, even on tank destroyers.
  8. Richelieu

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    Try viewing the French pages via Google's translator Dave.

    e.g. Google Translate

    I would be fascinated to see more about the Anglo-French project to develop a version of the Hotchkiss H39 for the British army, mooted in late 1939, if anyone spots anything. The General Staff wanted a two-man turret ideally, but had been prepared to accept the existing H39 in view of the chronic tank shortage, perhaps introducing a larger turret later if practicable.
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  9. von Poop

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    I second your fascination!

    Had never heard of that.
    Definitely some 39 stuff in there.

    Between this & the wadge of info on 'Project Cancelled' British tanks Mr Francis seems to be turning up, it feels like a whole new area of tankish history is opening.
  10. Richelieu

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    I did notice the year dropdown v.P. but have not had the time look in detail yet. I’ve attached an extract stitched together and cleaned-up from the MC(39) 8th Meeting minutes [CAB 80/1/4 – now sadly behind TNA’s burgeoning paywall]. A similar discussion followed on the use of the Hotchkiss in the cruiser role, with similar conclusions. There was even some discussion of equiping the Armoured Division with French tanks in the War Cabinet’s confidential minutes CAB 65/4/23.

    A tad too cryptic for me... any chance of a link please?

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  11. von Poop

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    if you follow 'Friends of the Tank Museum' on Facebook, they're sharing a fair few oddballs dug up by one Ed Francis, who is sometimes mentioned re.
    eg. Friends of the Tank Museum
    Intriguing stuff, with talk of a book, to which I say: "Take my money!"
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    The blue white and red sign at the top left is an official french govt. insignia.
    "blinde" a strange word just means armoured. Also means very drunk or very rich.
  13. dbf

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    Appendix ‘A’ to 12 CORPS Intelligence summary No. 228 (Part 2) Sheet 1
    Jagdpanther, side view
    Key - Petrol / Ammunition

    Appendix ‘A’ Sheet 2
    PzKpfw. Tiger II, side view
    Key - Ammunition / Petrol

    Appendix ‘A’ Sheet 3
    PzKpfw. Tiger II, front view
    Key - Ammunition / Petrol
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  15. dbf

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    Aye more 'vulnerable' points. As for source, cant remember now, probably a GAD file.
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  16. von Poop

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    Ah, was looking on mobile.
    Just seen the key & colours.

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