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    There was a lot of controversy over America's alignment with Ho Chi Minh in 1945-46 - American Policy was to destroy the European Colonies in the Far East - a short sighted policy given post war conflict in Indonesia, Malaya, Burma Korea and Vietnam. Many of the French in the Vichy regime had provided lots of covert assistance to the British Force 136 and the American OSS - and indeed fought against the Japanese in a fighting withdrawal from their garrisons in 1945. However post the Japanese surrender the OSS was ordered to support Ho against the French Colonial Power and bad blood ensued as some French who had fought alongside the Americans in France as Jedburghs witnessed Americans of the Deerhurst Mission observe French comrades in arms being beheaded by the Viet Minh. Some time later American support returned to backing the French in the form of air support and supplies until the French surrender at Dien Bien Phu and the partition of Viet Nam and the subsequent involvement of American in supporting the south until the early 1970s.
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    For anyone with an interest in France during this period the film Lacomb Lucien is well worth watching.

    Agreed Steven,

    This film gives an in depth focus of what was happening in the summer of 1944 while the Allies were ashore in Normandy.If I remember rightly, the youth who had a thirst for power and prestige was turned down by the resistance and sought service with French Gestapo with tragic results.

    There are a number of sources regarding the German occupation, the interaction of French civilians to the occupation and those in the resistance.One of the best insights into the whole period is the documentary, The Sorrow and the Pity dealing with events around Clermont Ferrand.
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    The French also produced a very good documentary called La Bataille du Rail about the railway sabotage in France pre and post D-day.
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    [​IMG] Today, 10:22 AM #20 (permalink) Gerard

    Thank you, yes you are right to remind us, and me, the Russians did shed an enormous amount of blood fighting the Nazis. Their POWs were not treated anything like the British and American POWs.

    In one camp a guard disappeared and was believe killed and eaten by the Russian POWs.

    I believe 3 million or more died in Nazi camps during the war. Their own country was ravaged by the Nazis. Village after village was burn off the face of the earth along with their populations.

    We are reminded that 100,000 Axis troops never returned from Russia, but no one mentions the 3,000,000 Russian troops who died and never returned to Russia.

    The German POW who spoke at our WWII Round table even mentioned that before being sent to North Africa he was used in a Russian POW camp. He said they were dying daily from a lack of food and water and nothing was done to help them. He was told if he said anything he could be sent to the Eastern front to look after Russians, so he kept quiet.

    I was able to purchase this Russian made movie, it was worthwhile viewing concerning a trooper in WWII.

    Ballad of a Soldier (1959)

    Ballada o soldate (original title)

    88 min - Drama | Romance | War - 26 December 1960 (USA)

    During World War II, 19 year old soldier Alyosha gets a medal as a reward for a heroic act at the front...

    See full summary »


    Grigori Chukhrai

    Grigori Chukhrai, Valentin Ezhov

    Vladimir Ivashov, Zhanna Prokhorenko and Antonina Maksimova
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    These late entrants were not looked on at the time and now in history, as having the patriotic considerations which brought people together after June 1940.These people had their own historical tag, "Resistants de la Derniere"

    You mean: "Résistants de la Dernière Heure" (Resistants of the Last Hour)

    Yes, I saw them at work.
    Many of them were just hoodlums of which the only "Haut Fait d'Armes" (Feat of Arms) was shaving women.
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    I inadvertently missed out Minute,ie "Resistants of the last Minute".

    I think you will always find toe rags getting involved at the time of dynamic events and mount the victor's bandwagon.Say those who welcomed the invader with enthusiasm and were willing to carry out their wants.No doubt, during liberation, scores were being settled,with no forgiveness and reconciliation given.However, there worse actions took place at the liberation than head shaving. Some collaborators who were imprisoned awaitng the judicial procedures,being broke out of jail and lynched.France must have been in chaos until structured administration was established.

    However as regards horizontal collaboration,this was not confined to any one section of society,it is spread across all sections and it happens in all countries of occupation.Had Hitler invaded these Isles, we would have had our collaborators,come drawn as Hitler lovers and others attracted by opportunism, self survival and gain.

    I dare say the British public would have reacted the same way against the horzontal collaborators

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