French Army actions in defense of the Vichy Regime

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    "The French fought like mad all along the line. We had got their psychology all wrong. They may not have been politically very pro-Vichy, but they had orders from their generals to fight."

    —Lieutenant Commander Hugh Hodgkinson

    Much has been written and said about England's war against Vichy, but this time I want to address the military aspect of the conflict, specifically the motivations of the French armed forces for fighting against a former ally.

    Colin Smith in "England's Last War Against France: Fighting Vichy 1940-42" points out as a big reason for those shameful two years, the fact that when politicians took charge of things during the last days of the République, the feud between both sides of the English Channel, which had existed since Roman times, came to a boil once again, fueled by the devious means those lads can display when they feel a threat to their interests, but with the armies standing in the middle as mere pawns, powerless to decide, but bound by the chain of command to react and act.

    Was it then a matter of honour and pride in themselves which led the French armed forces to fight, sometimes even in fraticide encounters, even though the rank and file and a big proportion of the officer cadres believed in France instead of Vichy?
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    I'm glad to see it was just England fighting the Vichy French 1940-42 . . The other countries in the British Army were not involved ? ie Wales and N. Ireland and Scotland . There must have been some Scottish/Welsh/N. Irish regiments involved surely ?.
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    Well, I thought the same when I first read the book, mate.

    For starters, let's mention, among others, No. 11 Commando a.k.a. C Battalion Layforce, straight out of Scotland, wearing their Tam o' Shanters in battle in Syria, and the 2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers, in the thick of the battle for Diego Suárez.
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    Quite so!
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    see post #7 in thread I linked to in post #4 of this thread.
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    I remembered your posts on this book from a few years ago, Owen.
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    good day army actions in defence of vichy regime,there is no defence for turncoats who put our troops at risk. vichy =german allies.there general worked hand in hand with the nazis.dont be fooled by belated excuses from french who want to rewrite there clowdy history,great post regards bernard85.

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