Free ww1 themed game: Verdun

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Bas J., Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Bas J.

    Bas J. Member

    A great game about Verdun in WW1. Its currently in Beta and its free. Its very fun. Massive multiplayer and nice graphics. You can download it here on there website or play it on their web client.
    Hopefully i'll be meeting one of you in game! :)
  2. arnhem44

    arnhem44 Member

    It sounds a bit bad, having fun with poison gas, flame throwers and gangreen.

    ..But I can understand what ya mean..

    I'll have it downloaded soon.
    Thanks for the tip.
  3. temptage

    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

    First of the leaderboard! Result!

    Great graphics and sound.

    Just wish I knew where everyone was!
  4. Bas J.

    Bas J. Member

    Has nothing like that at the moment. :)
  5. LesCM19

    LesCM19 "...lets rock!"

    The last first person shooter I played was Deer Hunter 3! :pipe:
  6. Rav4

    Rav4 Senior Member

    Makes me very uncomfortable to think that Verdum has been made into a game. Shows a lack of respect. :(
  7. Toten

    Toten New Member

    Really? That is quite interesting. I however, would see it as quite the opposite.
    I think that the fact that people make WW1 and WW2 games based on historical battles pays a great amount of respect to the real people who fought in them. Sure, there are games like COD, which glorify war beyond imagination, but games like Verdun and tactical World War games depict war as the hell it really is, and try their best to provide insight on what the war was really like in the perspective of a soldier.
    Just because people enjoy the simulation doesn't mean they praise the real-world hardships the people had to endure, but rather, getting an amateur understanding of their hardships and enjoying their accomplishments.

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