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    I have the complete service record Harold Godfrey TAYLOR of the RA killed at Kohima that I would like to pass onto any interested party. I bought it so I could confirm or otherwise his connection with the battle at Kanglatongbi on 7th April 1944. Upon looking through his record it became apparent he was not “one of my men” and was killed at Kohima while fighting with the odds and sods from 24 Reinforcement Camp while awaiting posting to his unit 158 Field Bty.
    It’s free to anyone who is interested but would be nice to think his contribution to the battle could be recorded somewhere, especially as 24 Rft Camp and it’s personel hardly get mentioned in the same breath as Kohima. Any authors of books etc?


    PS If anyone is concerned about privacy regulation and red tape etc, it was purchased openly without need of kinship proof as the man in question had been dead more than twenty five years.
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    Hello Lionboxer

    start a thread and add his details
    that would be very fitting


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