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    Gage The Battle of Barking Creek

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    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.

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    James Holland's BURMA 44 is offered at £0.99 on Kindle, it is a very good read deals with the battle of Admin Box
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    Another bargain today is The Claws of the Bear: A History of the Soviet Armed Forces from 1917 to 1989 - all 1512 pages on Kindle for just 99p.

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    And a bit left of center, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office have made their various works on British diplomacy free to download:

    FCO Historians
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    I'm posting this in The Barracks as most of the titles are off-topic, but they include US Marine vs Japanese Infantryman and Bf 109E/F vs Yak-1/7

    Evidently this is the first of four batches they are going to give away.

    Blog - Free eBooks: Week 1 - Osprey Publishing

    I had to create an account with them and thus give them my particulars, but not payment information as there is a "no payment option required" option you can select when you get to that step.
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    Thanks for this - I'm in mandatory 14-day self-isolation and this will certainly help relieve the boredom!!
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    Currently just 95 of our British pence on Amazon:


    And this for just £1.99:

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    Quartered Safe Out Here and The Grey Goose of Arnhem are both 99p on Kindle.

    HMS Rodney by Iain Ballantyne is 82p.

    And for a change of direction, Waterloo: The Campaign of 1815, Volume I: From Elba to Ligny and Quatre Bras is also 99p for a book of 736 pages.
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    Just got myself the Kindle version of this artillery classic on Amazon for 99p:

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    One book to check out , fact based , with fictional characters which covers the invasion of Rotterdam in 1940 , Dutch resistance and a Dutchman who joined the RAF.

    £0.99 e book , or free on kindle unlimited , amazon

    “Five Days in May” by Gary s Smith

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    "FIVE DAYS IN MAY" By Gary S Smith
    The e-book below is FREE on Amazon at £0.00, if ordered on Amazon on Frid 8th Oct or Sat 10th October 2020
    then .....the price goes up to the princely sum of £0.99.
    Whilst researching my family history, I was surprised to find how 2 family members were deeply involved in the Dutch resistance smuggling Jews out of the Netherlands and also covert operations with the SOE, and the other (my Grandad,) escaped to England to Join the RAF and to fly back to Rotterdam on his first mission as a Spitfire reconnaissance pilot.

    The book is based on factual events covering the Nazi invasion of Rotterdam (which does not receive much coverage in the UK), Dutch resistance and Dutch involvement with the RAF. I had to fill in some 'blanks' hence its categorised as historical fiction. Hope you enjoy it !, I would be really grateful for any reviews left on Amazon.

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    On Amazon's Kindle Daily Deals today 3 Dec 2020
    James Holland Sicily'43
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