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    Might be worth sharing things that are currently at £0.00.

    Careful though - these are apparently mostly temporary offers - check the price first.

    Kindle edition:
    Red Star Airacobra: Memoirs of a Soviet Fighter Ace 1941-45: Memoirs of a Soviet Fighter Ace, 1941-45: v. 2 eBook: Evgeniy Mariinskiy: Kindle Store

    vgeniy Mariinskiy, a Soviet fighter ace and Hero of the Soviet Union, shot down 20 enemy planes in aerial combat over the Eastern Front between 1943 and 1945. He frequently engaged enemy fighters and bombers, shot down many but was himself shot down several times.

    This is his extraordinary story. His vivid inside view of the ruthless war in the air on the Eastern Front gives a rare insight into the reality of fighting and tactics of the Red Army Air Force. In his own words, and with a remarkable clarity of recall, Evgeniy Mariinskiy describes what combat was like in the air, face to face with a skilled, deadly and increasingly desperate enemy. The reader can follow his career from an unskilled novice who has just arrived at his regiment through to him becoming an ace, and Hero of the Soviet Union, under the leadership of experienced commanders.

    The terrifying moments of action, engagements with enemy fighters, forced landings, nervous strain before attacks, loss of comrades and everyday life of pilots - all these aspects of a Soviet fighter pilot's experience during the Great Patriotic War are brought dramatically to life in his memoirs. In his memoirs Mariinskiy describes tactics which enabled him to have an upper hand in dogfights against experienced German pilots. The grand strategy of the campaigns across the Eastern Front is less important here than the sequence of engagements that were the firsthand experience of the author. It is this close-up view of combat that makes Evgeniy Mariinskiy's reminiscences of such value.

    Key sales points: A gripping and superbly readable memoir of the war in the air over the Eastern Front 1943-45, penned by a Hero of the Soviet Union and air ace credited with 20 victories / Covers the author's full aviation career including training and his initial experiences over the front, as well as his increasingly successful combat with a skilled enemy / Evgeniy Mariinskiy served with the 129th Guards Fighter Regiment 1943-45, undertaking 210 sorties, participating in 60 air-to-air engagements and shooting down 20 enemy aircraft. In 1945 he was awarded the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union.
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    Operation Eichmann: The Truth about the Pursuit, Capture and Trial [Kindle Edition

    On May 24, 1960, David Ben-Gurion, prime minister and founder of Israel, stood before the Knesset and made a startling announcement: "I have to inform the Knesset that, some time ago, Israeli security forces found one of the greatest Nazi criminals, Adolf Eichmann, who, together with other Nazi leaders, is responsible for what they termed the Endl?sung [Final Solution] of the Jewish question, in other words, the extermination of six million European Jews. Adolf Eichmann is already in this country under arrest and will shortly be brought to trial."Operation Eichmann, as the pursuit, capture, and trial of the notorious Nazi official was known, stunned the world. Its success was due largely to the unceasing efforts of one man, Zvi Aharoni, an experienced Mossad operative who was a skilled investigator and interrogator. He tracked Eichmann to Argentina, secured photographs that established his identity, and was a key player in the plot to kidnap the exiled war criminal and bring him to trial. Above all, as the sole person to interrogate "the architect of the Final Solution" after his capture, and the man who convinced Eichmann to admit his identity and face trial in Israel, Zvi Aharoni is the only one who knows firsthand what Eichmann actually said—a controversial subject often misrepresented in previous accounts.
    Now, for the first time in Aharoni's own words, comes the extraordinary true story behind one of history's most famous manhunts. Daring, dramatic, filled with episodes of breathtaking suspense and intrigue, Operation Eichmann is also a powerful chronicle of conscience and of the never-ending search for justice.
    All the intricate planning and preparation, the relentless pursuit of evidence, the constant need to justify time and expense are related with exacting detail. As events unfold, various political, personal, and philosophical issues come into play, focusing not only on a top secret mission, but on the priorities of individuals—as well as nations—during the Cold War era. The startling complicity of those who gave refuge to and provided safe passage for fleeing Nazi leaders reveals an expansive network of global proportions, while the seeming indifference of others is equally chilling. Adding to the tension is the emotional toll imposed on the participants, for whom the operation became a constant exploration of the theme of justice vs. revenge.
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    Free on Kindle - Gunther Rall, Luftwaffe Ace and NATO General
    Gunther Rall Luftwaffe Ace & NATO General eBook: Jill Amadio: Kindle Store (Edit - Bugger! No longer Free)
    The authorized biography of the third highest-scoring fighter ace in history. The book chronicles Rall's World War II aerial dogfights on the Eastern Front during brutal Russian winters,and spans a childhood in a defeated country. It relates the calamity of the Nazi regime, the Cold War, the jet age, and Rall's public service. The book tells of his efforts to regain the world's respect for Germany after Hitler's betrayal of its people, and Rall's assistance in the United States to develop the F-104 for the NATO countries. The biography includes his perspective of global affairs and other reflections. It is the book of which Don Lopez, former Deputy Director of the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum said, "We have all been waiting a long time for this important book.".
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    Two reasons to be happy this week. :)

    1. The iPad
    2. Ww2talk

    It so happens that I have been in foreign climes since Monday and took my iPad with to track my mail and to keep up to date with ww2talk.

    Read this thread that Adam had resurrected, thought I'd have a look at these free Kindle books and Hey Presto !...... i have uploaded all five that were mentioned on the thread and I am thus well provided with reading material both here and on the flight home.

    Good to see that everyone appears to be behaving themselves :)

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    Just finished reading Operation Eichman, via my iPad Kindle and completely free (as was kindly drawn to my attention earlier on in this thread)

    Brilliant of it's type and well worth buying even if you dont have a Kindle or an iPad.

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    Our Father's War eBook: Julie Thomas, Hal Thomas: Kindle Store
    Product Description

    In 1939 a 21 year old joined the N.Z.R.A.F. as a reservist. When World War II was declared he was called up and sent to Woodburn training camp in Blenheim and taught to fly. In August 1940 he sailed from New Zealand for England and went to war. As the sea voyage progressed from holiday cruise to deadly dangerous, he kept a diary and then gave it to a steward to post home from LA.

    He was a foundation member of 485 NZ Spitfire Squadron. He watched his best friends die before his eyes, was shot up twice and made it back to his aerodrome and killed a man for the first time. And he wrote letters home.

    In December 1941 he sailed for the Middle East and, after a spell as an instructor, he requested a transfer back to active duty. Only four of his training course of 21 men survived and came home. He was one of them. Many years later he wrote notes about his war time experiences in preparation for the memoir that never happened.

    In 1991 he died at the age of 74 after an 11 month battle with cancer. He was my Dad and I inherited the box of letters and notes. It is time we all heard about his war and I have complied this as much for the younger members of my family who never knew this brave and modest man, as for anyone else. World War II, from the air and the ground, in his own words.

    The Incredible Tito: Man of the Hour eBook: Howard Fast: Kindle Store
    Product Description

    Fast’s fascinating biography of Joseph Broz, known to the world as Tito, including his rise to power and his remarkable stand against fascism

    The world was mired in the Second World War when Howard Fast wrote The Incredible Tito. Upon the book’s publication in 1944, there was still no united Yugoslavia, the Axis controlled most of Europe, and D-Day was only in the planning stages. In the Balkans, Tito was a beacon of hope against the advancing Nazis. He led a force of resistance fighters that bedeviled the occupying German army throughout Slavic regions and empowered people’s committees to act as local government in all liberated areas. For observers on the political left, Tito seemed uniquely poised to unite the East and West against fascism—once and for all.

    This ebook features an illustrated biography of Howard Fast including rare photos from the author’s estate.
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    Thanks for the heads up !

    Spotted this two minutes ago and it now sits in Kindle on my iPad

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    Just letting people know there are some free ebooks about ww1 and ww2 on

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