Fred Wilson RIP

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    Condolences to Freds family and friends

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    Sad news - take care Fred


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    Sad news indeed, rest in peace Fred
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    :poppy: Fred Wilson RIP :poppy:

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    RIP Fred Wilson

    A lovely man

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    May 1952 – April 2016
    With love, memories, laughter and tears we have gathered to say an initial goodbye to our brother Fred. A passionate hang-glider, fisherman, camper, and lover of the outdoors, he has soared his final thermal, left his earthly challenges and is enjoying views of the world from new heights.
    Born in Grande Prairie Alberta, raised predominantly in Coldstream BC, Fred was pre-deceased by his parents Don Wilson (1953), Agnes Wilson / Sovereign (2002), and Art Sovereign (2002). He is survived by siblings Adriel, Owen, Murray and Sheila, nieces Nicole and Karly, nephew Malcolm, Aunts M. Lowe, F. Rankin, their
    children and their families.
    The family wishes to express their gratitude to Dr. Larrie Mandreck for his care. We extend heart felt thanks to all Fred’s friends for their companionships over the years.
    A gathering will be held at a later date. Please check Fred’s FaceBook page for notification.
    Good stories, condolences welcome to Adriel at
    In Fred’s memory we invite you to find vistas to enjoy, and think of him as you watch birds or pilots enjoying their flights. Be grateful for what you have…
    Fred was very passionate about raising funds for the community. If you wish to make a donation in his name; we suggest the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan; Dr. Arthur Sovereign Memorial Fund (Learning Disabilities Foundation) and/or the Agnes Sovereign Memorial Fund (The People Place).

    Vernon Morning Star
    Vernon, British Columbia
    April 11, 2016
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    RIP Fred Wilson. You will be missed.

    Condolences to his family.

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    Fred Wilson RIP :poppy:
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    My condolences to Fred's family and friends.

    Regards Mike.
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    Thanks for the pen picture of Fred.Often a poster here,his contribution will be missed

    Condolences to his family and circle of friends.
  12. Owen

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    Oh blimey , I wondered why he hadnt been here for awhile.
    He was a right character.

    RIP Fred
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    He was a good ol' boy.

    Marched to his own beat, but in a good way.
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    Sad news
    R.I.P. Fred
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    I'm very sorry to hear of Fred's passing. My condolences to his family. RIP Fred Wilson
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    My condolences to Fred's family and friends. RIP.
  17. Ron Goldstein

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    Thanks to Canuk (posting No.7) for giving us the address for posting tributes.

    "Good stories, condolences welcome to Adriel at
    In Fred’s memory."

    Spare a few moments to send your words of appreciation for this lovely man


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