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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if the same army number is kept between the end of one period of a termination of engagement and the commencement of another?

    My husband's grandfather Francis Charles Harvey (6th October 1893) (Army number 1420904 - number 50350) of the Royal Field Artillery served in the WW1. He joined 27th February 1908 and continued in the service until the 8th April 1920.

    He then seems to have a period as a civilian, but rejoins the service 5th May 1921 until 4th May 1933.

    During this time he was posted to Gibraltar, apparently to rebore some of the WW1 guns?

    Any help or advise would be gratefully received. Thank you
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    In relation to post 1920 service Army numbers were issued which were retained by the soldier throughout his service - even if he transferred to another Corps or Regiment.

    Pre 1920 soldiers were issued Regimental Numbers which would change if the soldier transferred to another Corps or Regiment - and in some cases by a change of Battalion in a Regiment.

    As you’ve found your husband’s grandfather was issued an Army service number on re enlisting after having a Regimental Number previously.

    As he served post 1920 his army papers will still be held by MOD Glasgow and ought to be available if you apply via this link -

    Get a copy of military service records

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  3. Hi,

    Thank you Tullybrone. I already have is service record from Glasgow, I am now trying to decipher it, as I am not familiar with the abbreviations (even though it came with a list of what they mean!) and what the difference between his Army and his service number is!
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    If you take a photo or scan the pages and upload them here there are quite a few members who can help decode what it all means.
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    I was of the opinion that they always retained the number but unfortunately this is not always the case, I have seen entries in enlistment books where new numbers were issued . A letter was included in one book warning the recruitment staff that original numbers should be retained but from examples examined many `old soldiers` were being issued with `new` numbers on re-enlistment ? Mostly retained but many exceptions to this rule.

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    British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
    Name: F C Harvey
    [Francis C Harvey]
    Regiment or Corps: Royal Field Artillery, Royal Garrison Artillery
    Regimental Number: 50350, 211997

    So 2 x numbers during WW1
  7. That you everyone, just been sorting through documents will upload some tomorrow.
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  8. Hi,

    My husband's grandfather Francis Charles Harvey served in WW1 and then re-enlisted until 1933, when his termination period was up. Which site or forum is best to get information about him for that period?

    He was then employed by the MOD as an Instructor at Arbourfield, Reading. Does anyone know where I can information about that also please.

    Many thanks
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  11. In 1921 he re-enlisted after serving 12 years from 1908 and then after a further 4 years posted in England he was sent to Gibraltar from 1924 to 1933 after serving another 12years. Where could I find information about his Gibraltar posting? His service number was 1420904 in the Royal Artillery he was a fitter, turner and artificer. I am not sure what his rank was.

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    The thing is you have started another thread on the same person, so this will inevitably lead to confusion as some members will post on this one and other members may be adding the same information on the other thread, it is better to keep to one thread for one person

  13. Oh, I'm sorry! I'm new to this and just finding my way around. What do I do now?
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    As in post 2 you really need to obtain his service records, this will tell you which units he was with, and when. From this information the Diaries for those units can be found and that will lead you to know where he was and what he was doing, without those records we will all be guessing

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    As mentioned in the other thread you really need to obtain his service records, they are the skeleton of his military service, and once you have them the forum can help you flesh them out as it will be known where he was and who he was with (in terms of military units) - so I would suggest concentrating on the above and the other thread will look after itself

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    No worries, threads now merged, title changed (you can edit it again if you wish) and moved to Pre-War sub-forum.

    Good luck with your research.
  17. Edit, dbf, thread title before merger: GNR F C Harvey R A Territorial Medal no. 2084313


    I have the service record of my husband's grandfather Francis Charles Harvey and I now know that he had two service numbers allocated to him during his army career. (I think due to regiment amalgamations) these were 50350 and 211997.

    However I have now found a third number 2084313 on the edge of a Territorial Medal. Does anyone know why this is please?

    Many thanks
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  19. Hi TD, I have tried to understand the new user instruction on how to use this site, but I am failing miserably. Is there somewhere I can look to make sure I get it right and use it correctly please.
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