Four rosettes on a Territorial Efficiency Medal

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  1. Steve Foster

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    Good morning,

    I am trying to help a friend of mine whose Grandfather fought in Norway with the 8th Sherwood Foresters. Her Grandfather joined the TA in 1923, was a POW from 1940 to 1945 and was demobbed in 1946.

    She has sent a picture of her Granddad's medals which show the TE medal to have one clasp or bar and four rosettes.

    As he served 23 years in the TA and that war service counted as double, he accrued a lot of qualifying time for clasps to indicate service. What I don't know is what the rosettes indicate?

    Could anyone help please.


  2. Tricky Dicky

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  3. redtop

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    Extra qualifying time's over the first 12 years are shown by a bar/clasp on the ribbon when worn with Medal.
    The Rosette is worn on the ribbon if worn without the Medal to show clasps have been awarded .
    The Rosette is not normally worn on ribbon with Medal except in certain circumstance's such as the Atlantic medal.
    But I doubt there would be room for 4 Rosettes on Ribbon without Medal.
    Hope this helps sounds a bit convoluted I know.
  4. Steve Foster

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    Thanks TD and Redtop. It appears the rosettes should be on the ribbon only to indicate the number of clasps. However, in Cpl White's case, as he had so much reckon-able service, it appears he ran out of room on his ribbon?
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    For each clasp you were awarded 2 rosettes to be worn on 2 separate ribbons

    1 ribbon would be worn on the best uniform and the other on his shirt

    He may have applied for more rosettes if he had more uniform? Maybe he wore ribbons in his full time job as well?

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