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    Just a link to some You Tube videos giving some detail on Fortress Falmouth. One deals with the Pendennis headland, one with St Anthony Head and one with St Mawes. All three were part of the defences of Falmouth - a strategic port for the South Western Approaches and a welcome haven for many a convoy.

    Fortress Falmouth Pt 1 Pendennis - YouTube

    Fortress Falmouth Pt 2 St Anthony's Head - YouTube

    Fortress Falmouth Pt 3 St Mawes - YouTube

    Thanks for the post Phil. I have traced my fathers side of the family back to the late 1600's in St Mawes. He left in 1915 to join up at 17 and lied about his age. It seems that the First World War was the time that people started to leave St Mawes and it became more difficult to trace them.

    Great to pictures of St Mawes. I would love to see it again, but I'm afraid I'm a little over the hill now.
    Thanks for the post.:)
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    Would be interesting to read what the German plans for an invasion of Cornwall were. Seems to me that Cornwall has quite a rocky shoreline.
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    It also has miles of golden sand (see my video on Invasion at Hayle for example), Britain's cable connection to the Empire (see my videos on Porthcurno and Sennen), and the third deepest natural harbour in the world (Falmouth and the Carrick Roads). Hitler made specific mention to it in Directive No 16 on 16 July 1940. Paragraph One states "consider the advantages of preliminary operations such as the occupation of the Isle of Wight or the Duchy of Cornwall before the full-scale invasion." Cornwall was of vital strategic importance not just to Britain but for our links to the wider world.
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    Some photographs of the pillbox at Pennance Point. It is now on a public footpath that runs across Falmouth Golf Course.



    View attachment 84278

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