Fort Cumberland Memorial - Hampshire, Battle Of Britain

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    Fort Cumberland, which has stood at the entrance to Langstone Harbour for over 150 years was the subject of a major bombing attack in 1940.
    During WWII Portsmouth was subjected to sustained air attacks from the Luftwaffe.
    On the night of the 26th August 1940 the Luftwaffe droppped 78 bombs on Fort Cumberland, which was then being used as an overflow base for the Royal Marines.

    This memorial is now located within the grounds of the Royal Marines Museum.

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    good day cooler cumberland memorial-hampshire.battle of britain.a fine memorial to the service men who died during those attacks by the luftwaffe,1940.may they rest in peace.regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy:
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    Great Photo CK.

    May they Rest in Peace :poppy:


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