FORM B199a Section 10, What is an Authority?

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Alec Thomas, May 21, 2018.

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    Hi folks,

    Just received my Great Uncle’s Service record (Harold Leonard James Thomas), and we now have a tonne more questions.

    I have drawn blanks as to what a lot of this form means. Literally any explanation is welcomed.
    For those who can’t access the scan (I don’t trust my computer skills) here is the information transcribed as best as I can discern:
    In particular is the column Authority

    LG, 16.1.40
    The last two I know already.

    Likewise, as a little bonus if anyone knows anything about what he would have done in Lowislote on 11.3.40

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    Turned it round for you. (and others)

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  3. Alec Thomas

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    You’re doing the lords work friend.
  4. timuk

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    Authority is merely the authorisation for the event/posting etc recorded in the first column. In most cases a copy of this authorisation will no longer exist.
    First one: LG 16.1.40 is London Gazette 16 Jan 1940 where his commission would have been promulgated.
    Lowislote is I think actually Lowestoft and entry would indicate this is where he joined 9th Holding Battalion.

  5. Alec Thomas

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    That’s really useful information. Thank you.
    Interesting, given that his movement to Lowestoft was never mentioned to his family.
    No luck deciphering the rest of it?
  6. timuk

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    B157 and B158 are Army Forms. B158 is nominal roll of officers on strength. Don't know what a B157 is. Don't know what RFT.F.33 is but I would guess it is his order to embark. GHQ.2ECH is probably General Headquarters Second Echelon and will be the order for his posting to 8th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment. The London Gazette is online so you can search for the entry if you wish.

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