Forensic archaeology at Treblinka

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Owen, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Kelly old bean, you have an interest...pull the other one, you have an agenda surely....and that’s fine. Revisionists have an agenda and Zionists have an agenda, that’s life. The only one you have to convince is yourself.

    Now I certainly had an interest, read my post in the “A member banned for showing proof of Holocaust in David Icke forum” thread.” I had an interest through birth and if I did have an agenda, it was to hopefully find that there was “no organised genocide” by the Reich and no subservient nations participated in it.

    After learning a language that was not taught to me as a child I spent the best part of a decade of talking to the generation that supposedly perpetrated it.....yeah sport, they did I said we only need to convince ourselves, and I live with the psychological burden of having convinced myself that it happened, and quite rightly as it did.

    Regarding some of the obvious lies that “survivors” tell,....people are people, they jump onto bandwagons....but I know what happened and what did not. Speaking of what did not. The Spielberg doco has a stupid woman telling us she got ejected from the gas chamber because it was full.....idiot woman, but that does not mean that there were no gassings.

    I will leave you with a testimony from Franz Stangle, commandant of Treblinka and Belzec.

    "What I had to do while I continued my efforts to get out was to limit my own actions to what I — in my own conscience — could answer for. At police training school they taught us that the definition of a crime must meet four requirements: there has to be a subject, an object, an action and intent. If any of these four elements is missing, then we are not dealing with a punishable offense....I could apply this to my own situation — if the subject was the government, the "object" the Jews, and the action the gassing, I could tell myself that for me, the fourth element, "intent", (I called it free will) was missing"

    Hell of a crafty way to say “I was just following orders.”
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    Greeting to Bernard85, DPas, von Poop and sonofgloin and thank you all for your replies.

    I have two questions for each of you about "forensic archaeology at Treblinka":

    #1 Can you verify how many of the 11 pits actually contained human remains?

    #2 Do you know in which of the 11 pits the most human remains were discovered?

    I look forward to hearing your Yes or No answers to my simple questions.

    Thanks much.
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    I am sure myself and other members of this forum will be happy to answer your question if your motives are reasonable and genuine.

    So please give a simple answer to vp's simple question. Why do you want to know?

    If you cannot manage the simple answer to this simple question, I can provide some simple suggestions as to where you can go and what you can do.
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    As per DPas and others - Exactly!
    (Trying to control myself and not get banned.)
    The chutzpah!
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    And thus KellyR confirms herself to be the formulaic holocaust-denying creature we all suspected, who thinks persistently asking the same irrelevant question & ignoring some really rather sensible & laid-back replies makes her some kind of mastermind of Internet Debate.
    We are doubtless wrapped round her little finger and all pandering to the great conspiracy.
    (See article I posted at bottom of #20 for info on the quite apparent interest in Treblinka graves.)

    So... I've consulted my Illuminati handlers & given the Masons a quick shout, and have thus concluded (while wearing my tinfoil hat, obviously) :

    Fuck off Kelly, we can smell it a mile off. No time for your piddling 'seeds of doubt' attempt at propaganda here.


    (Apologies, chaps - do feel free to continue discussing this topic in your more sensible manner. Just that sometimes some things have to be said ;) ~A .)
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    Oh well , yet another thread in the Holocaust section of the forum goes the way of so many of the rest.

    It does bug me somewhat that a new member comes onto the forum & demands how we reply to a post.
    Just not the done thing .
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    Amen to that !

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    Watch it, that's the kind of language that can get you banned :lol:

    Look! There's a t-shirt ready made for some people!
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    9 Rep's on one post - Is that a forum record?

    Edit: 10 Reps !
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    12 repps & a star icon. [​IMG]

    Nice to come back from holiday & see that muppet got banned.
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    Now up to 15 reps AND a star :biggrin:
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    Channel 5 in the UK is showing a documentary called Treblinka: Inside Hitler's Secret Death Camp at 10pm tonight, Wednesday 27 November. The Times says that Caroline Sturdy Colls is the leader of the team of archaeologists featured.

    Channel 5's website says that the programme is a:
  13. Gage

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    Watching now. Stunned.
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    And here is a link to said programme, watched it with a sort of combined time team/ww2 interest and the reaction from Caroline Colls spoke volumes... have to admire her drive in her search for the evidence that can be unearthed, that shows what those bastards DID...NOT MIGHT OF OR MAYBE!! OR WHAT IF.
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    When reasoned and rationale argument fail to register, that simple phrase, Fuck Off, can actually be quite eloquent. As Winston noted about fanatics, they cannot change their minds and will not change the subject.

    Nicely done Adam.
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    Treblinka: Hitler's Killing Machine
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    Well, along with reading and posting comments on the Yahoo news website for the past 17 months or so (early retirement), I have discovered that there are many Holocaust deniers. Not sure if it is a generational issue or lack of education. This is not strictly an issue in the U.S. where I reside but world wide as well. After all, I grew up in the U.K. and attended school there and we did not receive any type of Holocaust education. There were documentaries on the television back then and my Father was at Bergen- Belsen with the British 11th Armoured Division. On the other hand, he never mentioned the camp to me and it was vaguely rumoured in the family that he was there. My older brother finally confirmed the fact to me in 2003. One of my biggest regrets in life is not having the interest in his war experiences when he was alive as I do now. I am, in fact, quite astounded at Holocaust deniers when the proof can be so easily found on the Internet. Alternatively, I do rather enjoy letting deniers know that my Father was at Bergen-Belsen and I thank you kindly to not argue with me. Any and all comments on Holocaust denial is welcome. Thank you. Margaret Ann.

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