Forensic archaeology at Treblinka

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Owen, Jan 23, 2012.

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  2. At Home Dad (Returning)

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    will watch out for that, looks very interesting!

    (have always enjoyed the 'geo-fizz' elements
    on time-team :)
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  4. Owen

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    Couldnt listen last night so have got it on iPlayer now.
  5. James S

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    The so called "revisionist" lobby have already been rubbishing this study crowing about the "revisionist scholars" works and their own ground scan studies which they claim "found nothing".
    (In short another "Leuchter Report" and "Rudolf Report" carry on, this time by an "expert" called Krege whose work has not been released for independent review, this dates from about 2000).
    Anyone wanting to look at this turgid rubbish please do a "google" , it will be 30 minutes or so of your lifetime you will never get back again !!

    As far as digging goes, if it did surrender results these " revisionist scholars" will automatically reject anything which confirms genocide, that is the wonderful world of conspiracy you become a victim of your own "Catch-22".

    A while ago I was looking at Gitta Serney's book "Into that Darkness" based on her prison interviews of Franz Stangl , long time since I read it , for a few quid( on Amazon) it makes more sense than that 30 minutes looking at the rubbish constructed by idiots and retrieved by google.
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    I thought that this was a very interesting programme. Well worth listening to for those who have access to the BBC i-Player. It's only available in the UK for TV programmes; not sure if that also applies to radio. Accessed by the second link in the OP by Owen. Only available until 7 days after the initial transmission ended i.e. until 8:30pm on 30 January.

    One of the objectives appeared to be to detect the actual location of the mass graves. The memorial site can then be arranged to avoid people walking over the graves. Visiting families of victims will have a better idea of where the remains of their family members actually lie.

    As James says, nothing will convince Holocaust deniers of the error of their ways. Like all conspiracy theorists, they assume that all evidence that apparently contradicts their conspiracy theory is itself part of the conspiracy.
  7. KellyR

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    Hello folks. A little help if you please.

    Can anyone here verify how many of the 11 pits actually contained human remains?

    Does anyone know in which of the 11 pits the most human remains were discovered?

    Thanks much.
  8. dbf

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  9. KellyR

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    My interest is finding the answers to the two questions I posted above.

    Would you care to share what your answers to them are?

    Thanks much.
  10. dbf

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    Fair enough.
    My reply is above, try contacting the University.
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  11. KellyR

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    I wasn't looking for a "reply," I was looking for an answer.

    There are only two options to each of my extremely simple questions.

    A simple answer of Yes or a simple answer of No.

    Captionless, I'llI assume that, until I actually get a real answer (a Yes or a No), from you, that your "response" to my two questions is: No and No.

    Thank you for your time Captionless. Now please don't waste any more of mine.

    Is there anyone here who cares to provide an honest answer to my two very simple questions?

    Thanks much,.
  12. jmcq

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    Its strange isinit, that's someone asks a question and for help, gets an answer and is directed to where he can get more details then accuses the person who tries to help as wasting his ( the questioners) time !
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  13. KellyR

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    And thank you for your reply jmcq.

    Perhaps you don't understand what I"m looking for here. Let me explain it again.

    I"m not looking for replies nor do I want to be directed to where I can get more details.

    I am simply looking for a simple Yes or No answer to my two very simple questions.

    I'll assume jmcq, that your two answers to my two very simple questions are No and No as well.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Edited to add:

    I'm sorry if there are those here who do not understand what I'm looking for. Perhaps it is my fault for not being clear enough. Please allow me to state my questions again with an added clarification:

    #1 Can anyone HERE, participating on this forum, verify how many of the 11 pits actually contained human remains?

    #2 Does anyone HERE, participating on this forum, know in which of the 11 pits the most human remains were discovered?

    If you respond, please be very clear with your answer. A simple yes or no will do. I hope that clears up any confusion.

    Thanks much.
  14. dbf

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    Ahh, why didn't you say straight off that you only want to poll the membership without any explanation of your reasons.

    With such encouragement I'm sure everyone will be rushing along presently.
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  15. CL1

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    What we do here is share

    dbf gave you the links to find out because we don't know
    So the question was why are you interested.
    Hope that is as clear as a bell

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  16. KellyR

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    "dbf gave you the links to find out because we don't know"

    Thanks for your input CL1, I take that as meaning that your answers to my two simple questions are No and No.

    So that is three responses with, what I will assume, are 3 No answers to both questions.

    I'll check back later to see if anyone else who has posted on this thread provides a Yes answer. I'll keep a tally:

    dbf: No and No.

    jmcq: No and No.

    CL1: No and No.

    Please let me know if you think I have made an error interpreting your response. (If you think I have, please just provide a Yes or No answer to avoid any future misunderstandings.)

    Thanks again to all who took the time to respond. (I'm hoping Owen, At Home Dad, Varasc, James S, and Gibbo will answer the questions as well.)

    Take care and I'll talk to you all later.
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  17. dbf

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    How manipulative of you.
    It seems a vote will be counted with each post, even if you've not actually answered 'KellyR's' questions.

    Would 'KellyR' care to explain what happened at Treblinka when it was in operation? And if not, why not?
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  18. Bernard85

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    good day archaeology at Treblinka.i followed the tread out of seem to be upset by members trying to help you.if a member does not know the answer he/she will refer you to another, or a link on google.and a simple thank you ends the subject.but you are laying down your rules,1.2.3.(#13) and not asking you are demanding.answers as you think they should be a new member I sujest you show respect to your fellow members.that the way to get help.regards bernard85
  19. DPas

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    Well said Bernard.

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  20. von Poop

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    Tell you what, I'll wave my magic wand and get you an answer. Magic wands can also complete research that's only partially done too, or so I hear.

    Fancy telling us why you're so interested before we move on? 'Cos much as I dislike the bandwagon that often throws out accusations in this area based on little evidence, it's just that I'm (among others) finding your line of enquiry and general stance somewhat bleedin' peculiar.
    The existence or otherwise of Treblinka Graves has been rather weakly used by arseholes to attempt to justify their views many times in the past (eg *), and the bland style of post with some veneer of seriousness is rather familiar (I browse some of the web's grimmer/loopy/nasty sites to keep up with what bees are getting into what nutter's bonnets).

    Whatchya up to Kelly? Whatchya thinking? If, as you've said, your "interest is finding the answers to the two questions [you] posted above." Step out and say why it's so interesting to you, and we can thrash it out - child-like attempts at sophistry smell bad.

    (*) Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka - Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard - A Critique of the Falsehoods of Mattogno, Graf and Kues
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