Ford Flathead V8

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    Used in Ford CMP, WOT and Bren gun carriers but I don't think it was used in any American military vehicles.
    Anyone know of any?

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    French Flathead
    Why would the French military use an engine designed in 1930 in their military vehicles through the 1980's? Isn't there any other engine that could do the job as well at comparable cost?

    Ford flathead V8 engine - Wikipedia
    The French military cranks, at least sometimes, had the 5/8 plugs in the 3 3/4" stroke cranks. The 4" crankshafts came in the 1949 to 1953 engines.

    French-built 255 engines were fitted to the Simca Unic Marmon Bocquet [fr] (SUMB) light trucks of the French military

    Also as you say - Universal Carrier - Wikipedia
    Engine 3.9-liter (239 cu. in.) Ford V8 petrol

    French flathead V8

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    Given that the US did build some carriers and the US Army used carriers in the Philippines one could say that the engine was used in US military vehicles

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