Force 136 Main Signals Receiving Camp Tolleygunge. Info please

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    I have attached a photo of my father in the above camp. I'm trying to find out more about him and his role in the war - he died 16 years ago and info is short. The back of the photo says:

    Force 136 Main Signals Receiving camp, Tolleygunge, Calcutta, Oct 1944. ex-force 136
    "The girl a F.A.N.Y. (Femail auxiliary nursing yeomanry on the left end, 3rd row from front was Diana Tovey, daughter of Admiral Tovey, CIC North Sea Fleet. She was recovering from smallpox. All her hair fell out. It had been straight and very blonde. It grew back but much darker and all curly and crinkly. The girl at the other end was FANY Polly Trevelyan, niece of Professor GM Trevelyan, author of "English Social History"

    I have a few other photos of places and people taken around the same time eg China Camp Oct 1944. 946, Hora-Hena Colombo, Ceylon

    Would love to know the story of what was going on.

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