FOR SALE *ULTRA RARE* - 'Para Memories: 12th Yorkshire Parachute Battalion' - Eric Barley

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    Hi - I have a copy of this extremely hard to find book - recollections of members of the 12th Yorkshire Parachute Battalion, by Eric Barley and Yves Fohlen. Mr. Barley received the Légion d'Honneur last year, and died a few months later.

    Published in 1996, and absolutely impossible to find. I'm a professional book dealer and it's taken me nearly 5 years to find a copy. I've never seen one for sale, nor have any of my dealer friends. A5 sized hardback with 202 pages, containing many previously unknown accounts and much valuable information for researchers and historians on the 6th Airborne Division in WWII.

    Inscribed to the title page 'To Vince, Good Reading, Eric E. Barley'. Someone has part-tippexed out 'to Vince'

    Photobucket isn't cooperating right now, so I can email you some photos at your request. Please PM me.

    The price reflects the rarity. The book is £350.00 including postage to a UK address.

    Many thanks,


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