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  1. AB64

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    Can anyone help with a couple of WW1 Courts Martial records on Fold3? I have Ancestry and Findmypast (happy to help with lookups in exchange if it helps) so trying not to get another subscription especially just for 2 files - unfortunately I missed the free offer last week

    Thanks in advance

  2. timuk

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    As far as I can see Fold 3 only contains the CM Registers which just give the offence and punishment. What is it you need and I'll have a stab.

  3. AB64

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    Cheers Tim, shame if its only the Register, I wasn't expecting full proceedings but hoped for a bit more detail - on the 2 their service papers survive so I have an idea of charge and sentence, so this may not really add much but worth a check anyway, they are:

    A Beck - trial date 6/9/16 in Bally Grenay, 111 MG Company - "asleep as sentinel" jailed but commuted to Field Punishment No1 as underage

    A E Reuben - trial date 4/12/14 in Chatham, Royal West Kents - "striking an officer" imprisoned for 6 months

    Both returned to active service afterwards and seem to have done their duty, both being wounded

    Fold3 will probably just confirm the above but I'll keep my fingers crossed

    Thanks again

  4. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately not much more:
    Beck - sleeping at post - 18 months imprisonment commuted to 7 days FP1
    Reuben - three of the offence columns are completed - Violence to superiors, Insubordination/Disobedience and Drunkeness. The first two are also annotated Sgt Major and the last A.S. (sorry don't know what this means) - 6 months imprisonment mitigated to 112 days.

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  5. AB64

    AB64 Senior Member

    Thanks for checking, shame there isn't more but every little helps


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