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    I find it interesting to have a small town boy (Red Level, Alabama) involved in such an elite unit as the AVC. Ben Foshee was killed in a bombing raid while attempting to get to his plane. It is my understanding that his life may have been saved through amputation of a leg, but he refused such, awaiting attention from an American doctor. I recently had the duty to visit the cemetary where Ben is buried and took the picture of his grave. It had been reported that it had been vandalized, and as you can see someone removed Ben's picture from his head stone.

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    I have the 4th May entry in "A Flying Tiger's Diary" by C R Bond jr, which mentions the raid and Foshee's death.

    Do you have the book? If not, I can scan the relevant pages.
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    That would be great, you can post here or send an email. Thanks!
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    OK - will post here tomorrow
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    Read this !
    Looking for Information on Ben Crum Foshee - Flying Tigers AVG Forum

    Aha 40th I see you've joined in.

    Others on the field proved not so lucky, however. First Squadron pilot Ben Foshee was severely wounded by a bomb blast, along with a CAMCO employee and a few Chinese hostel workers. A Chinese doctor attempted to amputate Foshee's torn leg, but Foshee would not allow it, demanding that Doc Richards attend to him. The AVG flight surgeon had an eight-mile journey to reach Foshee, however, and was delayed getting through the mass of refugees in the bombed city. Foshee died from loss of blood before Doc Richards arrived.

    "Tigers In The Gorge" by John D. Shaw. P-40s of the AVG, better known as the "Flying Tigers" attack a Japanese Airfield-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------James P. Muri of Billings Montana pilots
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    Yes, thanks for that. On the AVG forum, I once spoke with a gentleman that serviced Ben's plane. Very interesting how small this world can be.

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