Flying Logs for Sgt. George Arthur Issacs D.F.M & Sgt. A.E. Glanville

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    I was lucky enough to acquire two Flight Logs that belonged to Sgt. George Arthur Issacs and Sgt. A.E. Glanville. Each page represents so much history and they seem harder and harder to find.
    Sgt Issacs completed 27 sorties which included raids on Berlin, Duisburg, Pilsen and targets in the Ruhr. He was an Gunner in Lancaster's in 61 Squadron and 223 Squadron. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal
    Sgt. A.E. Glanville was a Flight Engineer and flew in 547 Squadron in Liberators. I must admit my hands were shaking as I opened his log and went to the page that was 6th of June 1944. Being one step removed from someone who participated in DDay was amazing. I look forward going through each log page by page and piece together the story it will tell.
    log1.JPG log2.JPG log3.JPG
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    Depending on his service number he was either:

    2208886 Arthur Ernest Glanville
    923474 Arthur Edward Glanville
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    2208886 Arthur Ernest Glanville - qualified as Flight Engineer with effect from 14-11-43
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