Florence May Owen, b 1922, ATS?

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    Hi all. I wonder if anyone can help, I'm looking for anything on my great aunt florrie. I have been told when i was a child that she worked on the anti aircraft guns in London during the war and not long ago I was given the above picture of her but nothing else but the capbadge looks like ATS. I have searched ancestry but to no avail. I know her name is Florence may Owen and was born in 1922 in cannock, staffs to Thomas and Mary Owen. Any info would be gratefully received, I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance. Ant
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    Here is her pic. Hopefully it works

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    That ATS Remembered site is very good for all background information, for example, that details the cap worn by Florrie is the first issue soft peaked cap.
    Also bear in mind that women were not normally posted in to male AA units, so to have girls firing guns made for a lot of publicity shots, and that's why most were sited near London, with Richmond Park being popular. She's very (ahem) photogenic, which might explain posting her to London for photo shoots, as well as artillery ones :)

    Er, might this be her brother?
    OWEN, THOMAS. Rifleman. Service Number 14301791. Died 03/11/1944. Aged 20
    6th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
    Son of Thomas and Mary Jane Owen, of Chadsmoor, Cannock, Staffordshire.
    Buried at BERGEN-OP-ZOOM WAR CEMETERY. Plot 7. Row B. Grave 10.
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    See Anthony's old thread about him.
    Thomas Owen 6th Lanarkshire, the cameronians
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    Hi Kevin and thanks for the info. I was looking at that picture and it looks like she has a pip on she shoulder I was wondering if she was a 2Lt. Yes that's is her brother he was killed at Walcheren. All of my grandads siblings were sent to war so I have a lot of history to find. All this has come about because of me doing my family history and also about stories my grandad has told me when he was alive. Ill take a look at the ATS site. Thanks for taking the time to looks for florrie.
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    AA Regiments that had ATS attached were known as Mixed Regiments. The ATS did not actually fire the guns, they were involved with the ancillary duties such as spotting, operating the predictor, radar etc.
    An example is here: 132nd (Mixed) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery - Wikipedia

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    Thanks Tim, it's clear I have a lot more digging to do. It's amazing how stories have been passed through the generations and how the stories have been changed. With WW2 talk I have found the information and knowledge of the people that are on it is amazing. As I've said previously I am very proud of what my family have done and also myself in part but once I can find out about Les,florrie,Thomas,William and george owen I will put it all together for my kids to keep. Regards

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    Doh! Didn't think to look him up, thought I'd found a "new" rellie for him......

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