Floral Tribute paid to General Orde Wingate

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    A commemoration program with wreath laying activity was performed at the plane crash site of General Orde Charles Wingate on 10th February 2018. The site is located near village Thuilon in Tousem sub-division, Tamenglong District, Manipur, India. The commemoration was organized by “The Chindit Society,” with Bamboo43 assistance and participated by Tamenglong ADC member from 8 Saramba segment , Mr Micah Panmei, The village Chairman Rampisinang Kahmei and the villagers. They all maintain one minute silence, followed by condolence prayer, offered by the Village Pastor.

    The villagers of Thuilon have agreed to commemorate 24th March every year as the death anniversary of General Charles Orde Wingate. The road from Tamenglong HQ to Thuilon is hardly 40 km, but due to the bad road condition it took 4 hours to reach the village from Tamenglong HQ. At present there is no electricity in the village as the only transformer is not functional since last year. There is no medical facility in the village and the village is very remote.
    Still one engine and many parts of the crash plane are available with the villagers. I excavated some few parts from the crash site and collected some soil from the crater of the crash site. Some sort of a big treasure for me.
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    site.JPG at the crash crater wreath was laid. I am standing left of the wreath in the picture.
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    A great job you’ve done there Raj. The Imphal Campaign Foundation does it again!
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    Well done Raj. It seems you had quite a trek to get there my friend. :salut:
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    Thanks Steve, It was one of the toughest trip. The Chindit way..

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    I'm hearing you there Raj...........

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    Awesome job!
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    I agree. Fantastic work, Raj!

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